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Slydini-style purse frames



A number of tricks where selected cards find themselves. Easy to do, fun routines for all occasions. Number ONE in a series.

This book belongs in every card man's library as it covers a favorite field of card effects that all card men like, that of finding a selected card by spelling its name. Easy to complex, something for everyone. 52 pages.

Price: $12.50 - Purchase Now

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Outside of U.S. - $17.95 - Purchase Now



Calculated Magic

A number of tricks that you can count on in a variety of situations. Mostly all self-working effects, this is a fine collection of magic with numbers.

No matter how long you've been doing magic, you will find new effects and secrets inside...chock full of perplexing tricks that range from simple plots with pencil and paper to card tricks that require some thinking, and in between you use coins, calendars, parity or a calculator to make the point that you can do magic with anything or practically nothing. 49 pages.

Price: $12.50 - Purchase Now

Outside of U.S. - $17.95 - Purchase Now

SPECIAL OFFER (only available in US): Buy both titles for only $19.95 (save over $5.00) Purchase Now


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