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The Master Routines Book and CD
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Steve Dacri Master Routines Book


A COMPLETE SELL-OUT AT THE IBM Convention and the Easter Parade, Southport, England!
This book is the companion to the video.
The Martians (sponge balls)Routine
The Ultimate Classic Force
Silk Interlude
Coins Across (no gimmicks)
Master Sponge Bunnies Routine
Double Card Stab


"We all witnessed the classics of magic, flawlessly presented with charm and sensitivity, by a master of his art." - Rob Cox AIMC, The Magic Circular

"Great Classic Force, excellent teacher." - Jay Marshall, Dean of American Magicians.

"The explanation of his superb Classic Force was a highlight" - Michael Bailey MIMC, President, The Magic Circle

"Sponge rabbit sequence...brilliant...and the cleanest sponge ball vanish you are likely to see." - Abracadabra

Up until now, these were Steve's closely guarded secrets and pet routines. Includes performance tips, misdirection techniques and suggested patter. Autographed upon request.

Price $12.00
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Master Routines CD-ROM

Steve Dacri Master Routines CDThis is the exact same material as above, on a convenient, CD-ROM that works in any computer.


Price: $15.
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Special Combination Offer: Buy both CD-ROM titles, "Magic Secrets" and "The Master Routines" and save $10.

Two CD-ROMs purchased together for $20.
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