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SpongeBall ToolBox and DVD Set
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Slydini-style purse frames




It's like getting a complete act in a box!

"Steve Dacri has outdone everything out there. This is a classy package with a very entertaining DVD containing over 2 hours of great instruction and performances. Steve's special guests include George Schindler, Dan Garrett, Frank Zak, David Ginn and even Albert Goshman. MUST HAVE for all magicians. Period." - Denny Haney, Denny & Lee Magic Shops

Your prayers answered! Steve Dacri introduces the most needed DVD in magic today! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the next level of Sponge Ball entertainment!

A wide range mind-blowing tricks and routines from special guests George Schindler, David Ginn, Dan Garrett, Pat Page, Gary Darwin, Frank Zak and Albert Goshman!

Featuring a brand new sponge ball effect “The Flat Ball,” with special props included this toolbox contains everything you need: sponge balls, purse frame, and a DVD with over TWO HOURS of personal instruction by Steve Dacri, “The fastest hands in the world!”

• Includes all the props!
• Total toolbox a complete kit!
• Fun for you AND the audience!
• Comedic flavor adds winning results!

"Learn the secrets of the sponge balls, from the king of sponge ball magic himself, Steve Dacri. The DVD is fun to watch, and it is the best instructional program I have ever seen." - Simon Lovell

The best-ever collection of useful sponge ball moves, routines, and advice for all skill levels! Routines for every performing situation, from a planned, organized show to an impromptu routine that can be performed in a moment’s notice.

"Steve's innovations are powerful material! His DVD advances sponge ball magic twenty years." - Aaron Smith

A regular featured performer at the Magic Castle for 33 years, Steve Dacri has banked over 3,000 headline performances at Caesars Magical Empire, plus a multitude of television appearance with Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, and Steve Martin!

Box Autographed upon request.

Price $24.95 - Purchase Now



"I flew across the desert in my new sports car, with a hot chick sitting beside me and the top down (the car's top, not the hot chick's). The reason for the trip - a performance at the Magic Castle and a session to tape for a new program called "Sponge Ball Toolbox DVD". It is a project that is being produced by "Magic by Gosh" owner, Steve Goshman, son of the legendary Albert Goshman. I am honored to be doing this project with Steve, as his dad was a dear, dear friend, teacher and mentor to me. His son, Steve, and I have also become friends, and when he called and asked if I would do this project, I immediately said yes."

Steve Dacri

The dvd is a definitive collection of "how-to" information for anyone who wants to perform sponge ball magic. It will be useful for all skill levels, from the beginner to the advanced performer. It is a toolbox of ideas, moves, vanishes, routines and advice, and it comes packaged with a fantastic set of sponge balls, a purse frame. Other props include a flat sponge, odd color sponge ball, rabbit, silk poke gimmick

2.5 hours running time

Price $24.95 - Purchase Now


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