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Wireless Radio Remote Control Unit
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A valuable addition to the Ultimate Card Fountain Prop.

This device is custom made. It is smaller than a poker deck of cards. Actual size 2.7 inches X 2.2 inches and onyl one inch thick!

Totally reliable, it works with coded signals to eliminate interference. Just plug it into the card fountain machine and place the tiny transmitter into your pocket. The transmitter is no bigger than a auto remote device.

Another hand-crafted prop made to last a lifetime. For the working pro, this will never let you down. It gives you the option of setting off the card fountain while you are nowhere near it. Walk into the audience and have the card fountain pop at the command of someone in the crowd. Limited only by your imagination.

Created and Manufactured by Marcelo and Victor Contendo.

Price: $130. US and Canada
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For foreign orders:

Price $150. outside US & Canada (includes shipping surcharge for speedy Priority International Mail Delivery)

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steve dacri performs the card fountain


The card fountain as performed by Steve during a recent show in Boston, always brings the house down!


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