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Two videos combined on one volume...
A complete sell-out during Steve's UK and US Tours

"The explanation of his superb Classic Force was a highlight"
Michael Bailey MIMC, President, The Magic Circle, London, England

"Sponge rabbit sequence...brilliant...and the cleanest sponge ball vanish you are likely to see" Abracadabra

"...highly entertaining, very skillful, the lad is a pleasure to watch."
Billy McComb MIMC

"The best Classic Force I have ever seen..."
John Gordon MIMC in The Magic Circular

his famous sponge hard as I looked I could never detect the vanish or load, he does it so expertly." Elizabeth Warlock MIMC, The Linking Ring

"Great Classic Force. Great teacher."
Jay Marshall MIMC

"Steve's so good I want to hurt him"
Terry Seabrooke MIMC

"We all witnessed the classic of magic, flawlessly presented with charm and sensitivity, by a master of his art."
Rob Cox AIMC, The Magic Circular

Shot documentary style, not your ordinary magic videos.
Innovative, rave reviews for their style and clarity.

Same as the book, except this set of videos captures all of the routines in performance in front of live audiences, and includes concise, clear instruction segments from all angles.

Continues in the same style as Steve's first lecture video, Magic Secrets Lecture Tour Video, with segments shot during Steve's UK and Ireland Tour 2002, as well as during his first ever USA Lecture Tour 2002. Invaluable advice from one of the foremost teachers in the world of magic today.


Special Offer: Get both videos for the price of one.
Volume 1 & 2 combined on one video (105 minutes)
only $35.00

Purchase Now

PAL Format (International) Price: $45.00
Purchase Now


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