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Up to HALF OFF of all services (including Performance Evaluations, Directory Listings, web design, etc.) and Free subscription to our "Magic Secrets Club", which entitles you to special "members only" offers and sales events, free and discounted admission to special events throughout the year, a monthly newsletter (with your choice of it arriving via email, or available for viewing on our site), discounts on purchases, and many other benefits to be announced soon.


plans for the next event will be revealed in early 2005. We are planning a number of workshops, lectures and mini-conventions throughout the USA, Canada and in England, Ireland, and the Caribbean. All subscribers will receive free or discounted admission to these events.

We are putting the finishing touches on the first of a series of online events. These will include classes, seminars, workshops and more.


The MagicWebChannel is positioned to become the pre-eminent Portal into the future of all things magic on the Internet.
At present, we have several thousand eyeballs a week, and plans are under way for a massive online and offline media blitz to tell the world about us. We also have a multi-phase advertising campaign in preparation to get the word out.
By joining today, you will be helping to support our efforts to spread the word and make the world of magic accessible to magic enthusiasts and lovers of magic.

Every day, more and more people turn to MagicWebChannel as their link to all things magic on the planet.

All members are automatically enrolled in the MagicWebChannel Points Program, allowing you to accumulate points for every purchase on the MWC, INCLUDING your membership fee. These points can be redeemed for valuable rewards and future purchases.

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