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(Advisors Listed in the order they accepted our invitation)
Steve Dacri MIMC, Founder, Web Host, Project Director
Jan Dacri MMC, Director of U.S. Operations
Tony Brook MMC, Director of International Operations
Mark Wilson MIMC, Chief Magic Advisor

Steve Dacri MIMC


Foremost multiple-award winning Sleight of Hand Entertainer, television personality and Las Vegas headliner. Steve is also a writer and director for TV, film and live shows. A former student of Slydini, Frank Garcia and Dai Vernon, Steve is considered one of the foremost magic lecturers and performance coach.

Milt Larsen MIMC

Founder of The Magic Castle and the Academy of Magical Arts, creator of Caesars Magical Empire, Las Vegas

Milt was the first to share our vision and offer his support for Magic Web Channel.

His outrageous comedy magic act "The Carpenter" has taken him all over the globe, including featured performances in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget. He is a creative thinker, a true visionary, and inventor of magic routines and special effects that await guests nightly at the Magic Castle.

Mark Wilson MIMC

America's foremost magician, multi-award winner, producer of the first Magic Specials for television

As well as being a major celebrity himself, Mark has been magic instructor to Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Peter Falk, Dick Van Dyke, Bill Bixby, Jackie Gleason, Cher, Johnny Carson, & Burt Reynolds, magic consultant to top TV series such "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman;" "The Nanny;" "Columbo;" "Odd Couple;" "The Magician;" "Simon & Simon;" "Love Boat;" & many more.

Mark authored the "Mark Wilson's Course in Magic" which has been translated into Italian, French, Chinese, and Russian. With over 750,000 copies published, it is the most popular book of magic instruction in history. Mark may be the world's most honored magician: Twice elected "Magician of the Year" and received a "Masters Fellowship" from the Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle; is in the "Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame"; named "Superstar of Magic," by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and most recently received the prestigious "David Devant Award" from The Magic Circle.

Gay Blackstone MIMC

award winning producer, consultant, and wife of the late Harry Blackstone, Jr.

Lance Burton MIMC

Superstar of magic, FISM award winner, star of Las Vegas magic show at the Lance Burton Theater, Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Billy McComb MIMC
(his spirit continues on)

Legendary Irish magician, recognized the world over for his performances and magic inventions, will remain here and as he does in our hearts and minds, and sometimes in our bars and taverns.

David Berglas MIMC
Former president of The Magic Circle and award-winning performer

Paul Daniels MIMC

England's Superstar magician and celebrity television performer. Paul Daniels is one of the most recognized personalities in the UK, and most of Europe. His television shows were always among the most popular shows on television. He has since "retired", that is, he performs on stage with his unique and enjoyable one man show.. He has had an amazing career in magic, and it still continues, although not at the same frenetic pace as when he was appearing on television every week. Now, he likes to spend a lot of time with Debbie,travelling and enjoying the finer things in life, like his recently purchased boat and the comforts of his beautiful home, when it's not flooded.

We are honored to have Paul as a member of our esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors as well. He was one of the first people to accept our invitation. That's the kind of man he is. He is generous with his time and his knowledge, and together with his wife, Debbie, they are truly one of the most respected couples in the world of magic.

Marvin Berglas AIMC

Founder of Marvin's Magic, London, and performer. Marvin gave us lots of advice early on, and truly lived up to the labael "advisor" in our first year. We couldn't have done it without him, he was wise and gave generously of his time to help us.

Jon Racherbaumer

Legendary card man and prolific magic writer, pictured here with fellow Magic Advisors Dan Garrett and Tony Brook.

Dan Garrett MIMC

Former President of Society of American Magician and respected inventor and magic columnist

Tony Brook MMC

President of Assembly 272 of The Society of American Magicians in Portugal.

Tony Brook got the magic bug at age 5 when his father showed him a card effect. It was the beginning of a passion that has endured to date, which is over 50 years. Currently, he performs as 'The Magical Mind of Tony Brook ' or as Anthony Darkstone. Having Native American connections he also performs as a shaman called Tony Two Eagles. He has covered all the areas of magic from close-up to illusions, well known internationally for his special brand of magic that he refers to as ' Magic of the Mind'.

He was featured on the front cover of the January 2001 issue of M-U-M,, the magazine of the Society of American Magicians.

He is a highly experienced magician and his advice is eagerly sought as a Magical Advisor. He moved to Portugal in 1987 he has become well known as a Producer and Director of magic shows, several as fund-raisers for charitable institutions. He is also a Marketing Strategist & Communication Specialist. Over the years, he has been involved in Radio and TV. At one time he was both the Producer and Host of the only English speaking nationwide radio show in Portugal. He has appeared several times on RTP, the International Portuguese TV channel with many original mental effects. He has been a judge at magic contests including S.A.M in New Orleans 2001. His work on magic has been featured in many publications and sites including ABRAcadabra, The Linking Ring, MUM, The Wizard's Report, O Magico, Smoke & Mirrors, Mr.Gadfly, The Banshee,magicwebchannel. and MAGIC.



FISM Gold Medal Winner and Multiple Award Winning Performer and Inventor, known as "The Magician's Magician"

Daryl continues to keep a very busy performance schedule, flying internationally for private and corporate shows in addition to his regular lectures for magicians. In January 2001 Daryl was honored to perform for President Bush's Inaugural Candlelight Dinner in Washington DC.

In addition to this Daryl is a busy teacher of magic - offering private and group magic lessons to visiting magicians from around the world. These popular lessons are held at Daryl's home in the Sierra Foothills.

Abb Dickson AIMC

Former International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and current International President of the World Alliance of Magicians

Abb Dickson Actor / Magician You may not realize it, but you have probably seen Abb's special guest appearances on some of the top primetime sit-coms, variety specials and talk shows- most recently featuring his newest Abb-tastic Magi-Comedy on Television! He is a veteran character actor who worked on 7 films with the Great Orson Wells. As well as many recurring roles in such known television show like Different Strokes. It's nearly impossible to summarize Abb's incredibly versatile background! In the Magic World, Abb is known as a top performer, creator and lecturer In the early 1970's he had the largest touring magic show in the United States with performances for the Bicentennial show in Washington DC. In the Business World, his talents range from Corporate Speaker and Consultant, to Motivational Speaker and Entertainer. In the Architectural and Interior Design World, Abb's work has been featured in such prestigious publications as Architectural Digest, Smithsonian, and Forbes Magazines.

Obie O'Brien

Producer of Magic Conventions, including the world famous, invitation-only close-up magic convention, FFFF, held each year in Buffalo, New York.

Advisor to the SAM and IBM for their public shows and conventions.

Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell is a world-renowned close-up entertainer incredibly gifted in the art of sleight-of-hand. His level of skill is second only to his ability to entertain and create laughter.

Simon's live engagements have received wide acclaim. Simon has performed all over the world, from the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to the London Palladium, through the Middle and Far East to Australia, and South America. Whatever the group, he has never failed to please them!

Simon is a highly experienced performer with over two hundred television credits to his name. Additionally, Simon has produced fourteen videos, published sixteen books, and written hundreds of magazine articles, short stories, and scripts. In recent years, he has been professionally engaged advising other performers in live and film situations, lecturing worldwide to casinos, and also to specialist groups of magicians.

Over the years, Simon has appeared in all kinds of venues from theatres to comedy clubs. His unique style and audience involvement makes him one of the most popular magical entertainers around. Reviewers have described his "trademark" straitjacket routine as one of the funniest tricks in the world!

Hank Moorehouse MIMC Magic Convention and FISM judge and official with the Society of American Magicians

Bill Davenport

Manager of Davenport's Magic in London, and board member of the London Society of Magicians

Walter Zaney Blaney MIMC

Walter Blaney was born in Dallas, Texas, February 11, 1928, on Thomas Edison's Birthday, which seems appropriate: Walter always wanted to be an inventor. He saw his first magic show at age nine, and from then on he also wanted to be a magician. He has since gone on to become one of the most well-liked and respected magiciasn and inventors in the magic world.

Walter graduated in 1950 from the University of Texas with a degree in drama, having worked his way through college doing his magic shows at birthday parties and company banquets. He married and "went on the road" with a stage show around his home state of Texas. Soon he was more in demand for banquet affairs, and this became his primary field of entertaining. He has appeared at over 3800 banquets in 47 states and 15 foreign countries. Being a six foot six inch (6'6") tall Texan Walter added a Texas/Western flavor to his shows. He has been commissioned by a succession of six Texas governors as official Texas Ambassador of Good Will. Walter's comedy style and humor became as important as his magic. He adopted the stage name of Walter "Zaney" Blaney, and he does indeed present a zany image on stage Walter's Levitation Illusion has also fooled his audiences everywhere over the years, even the space scientists and astronauts at NASA in his home town of Houston. They all wanted to know if Blaney's method of levitation could be used in the United States space effort.

Blaney has presented his levitation illusion on all the top TV shows, floating in the air Johnny Carson's secretary on The Tonight Show, Dinah Shore on her Dinah Show, Kitty Carlisle on Garry Moore's "To Tell The Truth," and other audience participants on Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, NBC's Nashville Palace and CBS's Vaudeville series. Walter's oldest of his three daughters, Becky Blaney, followed in her father's footsteps and is also a professional magician and comedian, already appearing in comedy clubs and corporate dates in all fifty states throughout the nation. In 1998 Walter helped create the World Alliance of Magicians and served as its first international president. This is an umbrella federation of all the magic societies of the world to promote the magical arts and protect its secrets for enduring public entertainment.

Fernando Keops

Mexico's top magician and internationally-acclaimed performer, and famous bull fighter and cigar company owner

Ray Goulet MIMC

Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame member and former president of the Magic Collector's Association

(Ray pictured at left, with Ann Goulet, Jay Marshall and Steve, performing the famous Elevator Routine)

Sidney H. Radner MIMC American's foremost Houdini expert and advisor on magic collections and Houdini expert
Guy Bavli Israel's foremost magician and entertainer and inventor
Bev Bergeron  

A professional magician since the age of 14, Bev is a Past International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and a member of the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame. He performed for over 15 years in Walt Disney World, and for nearly 5 years at Sea World. For 5 years, he was the writer and performer (as Rebo the Clown) on television in "The Magic Land of Allakazam". Bev actually invented many of the illusions on that television show. He has appeared with Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Merv Griffin, Andy WIlliams, Johnny Carson and many other top stars, and in the magic world, he is sought after by magicians for his inventive lectures and performance teaching.

Tony Spina

Former President of Tannen's Magic, star performer and inventor

Aldo Colombini

Italy's top magician and inventor, now a US citizen. Two time winner "Parlor Magician of the Year" Award at the Magic Castle - Holl;ywood, CA.

Featured performer on PAX-TV's Master's of Illusion
Amazing audiences in over 45 countries around the world

Jay Marshall - (his spirit continues on)

formerly the Dean of Magicians and probably the foremost comedy magician of his time, until his passing not long ago. Jay was in a class all by himself, an amazing performer, writer and magic historian, with countless stage and television appearances all over the world, including 16 appearances on the "Ed Sullivan Show". .

Tony Hassini

Founder of the International Magic Society, the world's largest magic organization (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records)

Scott Wells AIMC

Highly respected magic performer and writer

Carl Ballantine MIMC

The World's Greatest Magician

Legendary magic performer, and television and film star, there is ony one comedy superstar in magic, only one Ballantine. The man whom British star Tommy Cooper studied and copied on his road to success.

Peter Reveen MIMC

(pictured with his wife, Coral) Award-winning international performer, illusionist and hypnotist; currently manager of Lance Burton; magic consultant.

Alan Watson MIMC

International Deputy of Society of American Magicians for New Zealand and multiple-award winning performer

Ron Wilson MIMC

International performer, member of Board of Directors, Academy of Magical Arts.

Terry Seabrooke MIMC

Multiple award-winning British performer and inventor, one of magic's top stars of stage and cabaret.

Rick Thomas

Award-winning Las Vegas performer, illusionist, starring on the Las Vegas Strip for over 10 years.

Currently starring in "The Illusionary Magic of Rick Thomas" at the Orleans.

The most successful daytime show in the history of Las Vegas.

Tony Wilson MIMC

Past International President of the IBM

New Zealand performer and highly respected in the magic world for his unselfish, devoted work for the art.





Gary Darwin

Prolific inventor, performer curator of the famous Darwin Magic Museum and Library in Las Vegas.

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