Love Melander

Levgrand IA, SE - 856 41
Sundsvall. Sweden
Telephone: +46 (0)60 15 15 60




Love's Magic Vision

Why has the Swedish Royal Family chosen Love as the sole artist on various occasions?

Why did Sweden's TV4 choose Love as magic consultant for their serial "Magiskt"?



Why have 100's of companies, party-organizers and societies booked Love again and again for their entertainment?

Why has SVt Drama (Swedish Television) chosen Love to warm up the audience when producing famous Swedish series like "Svensson Svensson", "Sju p a Sjukan", "Pappas flicka", "Glom inte m amma" and "Mitt i livet", totally 150 performances! ?



Could it have something to do with his special mixtures of humor and modern magic?

Or has it something to do with his high tempo? - there's action all the time! - all done in a nice style and with good taste.

The bookings keep coming in, but Love is a master of conjuring up a time that suits your need, too! Love has worked in England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Finland and on international cruises.