Scotty Karate

Email: [email protected]

City: Aberdeen

State: Washington

Zip: 98520

country: USA



Scotty Karate

Bio: Musician and magician , as well as graphic artist...Have been performing street and impromptu magic for three years...37 years old from Aberdeen , WA

Description of your act: Specializing in cardism and street magic , but branching out into mentalism , escapism , and some of the more traditional close-up/stage routines like linking rings , cups and balls , coins , handkerchiefs and ropes , as well as attempting larger stage effects , like the old sawing a woman in half ! I like to put some comedy into my routine , and 'occasionally' mess a trick up 'on purpose' for a laugh...I enjoy performing for kids and adults both , but I prefer a small audience in a bar or restaurant setting...I'm just now starting to develop my own tricks and effects , and plan to eventually come up with a better stage name / personna so as to facilitate a bigger show !

...My biggest point of pride is the fact that when performing cardism , I use only standard , straight-from-the-box playing cards that are not altered or gimmicked in any way shape or form...Any spectator can provide me with their own cards and I can duplicate most all of my effects right then and there !

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