Exclusive Story


Magic at the White House

There were chads and hanging chads and no chads but that is now all in the past. The fact remains that the Governor of Texas, Mr George Bush will be sworn in as President of The United States on 18 January 2001. What many of you reading this may not know is that Mr.Bush is a great fan of magic. During his term of office as Governor of Texas, Mr Bush enjoyed watching magicians. At one time, a while back, he was levitated by Texas magician Scott Wells. Scott Wells was the Conventions Editor of MAGIC and President of TAOM last year.

At the Presidential dinner and inaugural dinner on January 18, a very elite group of Magicians are being invited to perform. They are -

Michael Ammar
David Sandy
Darwin Ortiz
Michael Finney
Patrick Martin
Glenn Falkenstein& Francis Willard
Paul Gertner
Charles Greene
Steve Zukerman
Tom Burgoon
Todd Lamanski
Steve Bedwell
Eric Henning
David Williamson
Marc de Sousa
Alain Nu
and last but not least ... our own Panel of Magic Advisor members
Daryl and Dan Garrett.

Nice to know that art of magic will be so well represented at so great an occasion. Remember you read it on hats and rabbits first!

Tony Brook
- Panel Advisor & Special Correspondent