It is always a great pleasure to write about winners. It is even a greater pleasure to write about
The Winners of The Siegfried & Roy Grand Prix Award of 2001. What could top that? Two things
can, the fact that the winner is not only a personal friend but also one of the best lady magicians
in the world.

Valerie and her husband Gilles live in Boulogne, France. They spent December touring India and
then sped off to Vegas. Right now they must be somewhere above Cloud Nine. Imagine my delight
when I received an email stating " I did it. I won it ." I am thrilled and delighted for them. It was only
November of last year that I received a personal letter from Valerie in which, she wrote that she was
not sure about going to Las Vegas!

Personally, I am glad she did and that I included her as my favorite lady magician in my article in the
January 2001 issue of M-U-M.

Perhaps you are wondering why I have entitled the piece as I did. You'll have to catch Valerie's act.
It is full of stunning effects and just when you think that she can't possibly come up with anything more
stunning she levitates off the ground and her legs change direction! You will have to see it to believe it.
For now, go to - this is the Swiss Magic Circle site. Find Valerie and then click on
portfolio to see some amazing photos.

I had the distinct pleasure of working back-stage with them at FISM 2000 and helped them with the
final illusion and ever since then we joke about taking care of the French girl's legs.

Valerie is an attractive and elegant blond with a certain je ne sais quoi that is uniquely French.
Gilles is a sophisticated and charming gentleman best described as a modern mixture of Maurice
Chevalier and Charles Boyer. They both love magic with a passion and were extremely helpful to
my son Charles when he competed at FISM 2000.

Richly deserving, but hardly surprising that Valerie won in Vegas. Here are just some of her achievements:

Baguette d'Argent - Grands Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo 1999
Anneaux d'Or - Anneaux Magiques Morges Switzerland 1999
1 Prix 32nd AFAP Congress Dunkerque France 1998
Championnats du Monde FISM - Dresden Germany 1997
2nd Prix 30th AFAP Congress - Aix -Les-Bains France 1996
2nd Prix Concours Autrichien Salzbourg Austria 1995
2nd Prix Brussels Congress Belgium 1994

Of course, now there will be a lot of news about Valerie in the Magic Press. And, what's more, I have it
on good authority that our own Jon Racherbaumer is considering a feature on her in Genii penned in
his own distinctive style.

Incroyable! Extraordinaire! C'est magnifique!
Tony Brook - Panel Advisor & Special Correspondent

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