“Power, excitement, enthusiasm, humor, and a sincere desire to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential, mentally and physically.” This is how Chip Andrews, President of FMI, recently described the impression Jan Dacri has made on audiences as a regular presenter for his company since 1973.

Jan began her study and application memory improvement techniques while still in high school. Graduating Phi Beta Kappa, she received her Master's Degree in Education from Tufts University, Boston. After briefly teaching High School English, Jan began conducting workshops in memory improvement and physical fitness in Los Angeles, California. Since then she has been invited to speak at meetings and conferences around the world. As a mother and former president/owner of a medical equipment distributorship, she knows personally what mental and physical challenges face us in our busy lives at home as well as in the hectic working day world.

For 27 years, Jan has helped people from all walks of life develop inner confidence, mental skill, and a blueprint for success in academic, business, and personal life. She has taught her unique and effective techniques at U.C.L.A., U.C. Riverside, U.C. Northridge, and other colleges in Los Angeles. She has presented multiple session Mind/Body Improvement courses for the American Bankers Association, the National Secretaries Association, the Lion's Club, and many other organizations.

Her workshops have been extremely popular during conferences held by private companies such as Owens Corning, 3M, Boise Cascade, Trane Corporation, Wickes Lumber, R & G Sloane, Volvo Machinery, Golden Corral Restaurants, Acura, Nestle, Hilton, etc. She has presented for various industries at major expos, conventions, and shows as well as on many cruise lines. Jan has been a popular resource at the executive training conferences of the Young Presidents' Organization throughout the world.

With humor and great enthusiasm, Jan's "Mind/Body Fitness" program combines the effective mental techniques of memory improvement, with what she calls "The Power of Self Talk" in addition to the physical benefits of stretching, breathing, and relaxation training.


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