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" . . . we can always count on Jan to receive the highest speaker evaluations . . . perfect scores in every category . . . one of the best!"    FMI Resource Management and Consultants

"Jan's lecture was an unqualified success! Absolutely wonderful!"    American Bankers Association

"A great topic, presented with style and humor . . . very helpful . . . highly recommended!"    Volvo

"One of the most beneficial seminars we've ever had! She's great!"  National Secretaries Association

"Excellent, as usual! Jan's seminars are always favorably received and well attended, year after year. Best of all seminars!"   
 Owens Coring

"The best presenter yet! Great topic . . . fun instructor . . . excellent value in personal and business applications . . . most enjoyable . . . thanks!"  Con Expo

"This is the 5th year we've invited Jan to speak. Her program is always a delightful change from the ordinary business topics . . . she's fabulous!"    Golden Corral Restaurants

" . . . extremely likeable . . . a joy to work with . . . great skills!"   

"Outstanding presenter . . . very worthwhile . . . a real crowd pleaser . . . we recommend her highly!"   
 Young Presidents Organization


Clayton Homes
"We Build Dreams"
P.O. Box 15169
Alcoa Highway
Knoxville, Tennessee 37901


Jan Dacri
Memory Associates
1320 Commerce St.
Suite C
Petaluma, CA 94552

Dear Jan,

How can a mere "thank you" express our appreciation for the wonderful presentation. Sara and I had the opportunity to see you speak for our friends at Owens Corning in Jackson Hole and were really delighted that you would be passing through Atlanta on the date of our next manager's meeting. We were so lucky -- it worked out just great.

You are truly an enthusiastic, dynamic communicator who accomplishes every objective as to informing, entertaining and motivating an audience. In addition, you are a truly wonderful person.

Again, thanks and you may be assured CMH will look forward to having you speak for other divisions of our company.

Your sincerely,

James L. Clayton


Golden Corral Corporation
P.O. Box 29502
Raleigh, North Carolina 27626

Developers Of
Golden Corral Family Steak Houses


Ms. Jan Dacri
Mind Development Resources
Box 751108
Petaluma, CA 94975

Dear Jan:

It was a pleasure to visit with you again during our Leadership Celebration and we appreciate your participation.

Your presentations, Investing in Your Mind and Body, and Wellness -- You Challenge/Your Reward, on the opening day provided a great beginning for a very successful conference which has been voted one of our best.

It is significant to note that this was our tenth Leadership Celebration and you are one of only three speakers to be invited a second time. You were enthusiastically received on both occasions and added greatly to our management development program.

You can be sure that when I know of any group seeking an entertaining, thought-provoking and enthusiastic speaker, Jan Dacri will be recommended.

Best personal regards,

James H. Maynard

Management Consultants to the Construction Industry

5151 Glenwood Avenue • P.O. Box 31108 • Raleigh, NC 27622-1108 • 919-787-8400 • FAX 919-782-1139

Other offices in Denver, Tampa, and Minneapolis


Ms. Jan Dacri
Mind Development Resources
Box 751108
Petaluma, CA 94975

Dear Jan:

Your sessions were a BIG hit on the Golden Corral Leadership Celebration Bahamas Cruise. We heard positive, enthusiastic comments about them throughout the four days of our conference.

The results of the written evaluations from the group were excellent: deviations from the "ideal" score in Communications, Knowledge and Enthusiasm averaged .04, the best of all Leadership speakers; and in the category of Presentation, your scores were nearly perfect straight across.

Some of the written comments reflected these results:"Jan did a super job; she convinced even me that I could manage memory techniques."

"Very good. I've been to many breakout sessions, she is one of the best.

"Both of her presentations were excellent -- good for the group especially on this trip; lighthearted but with substance."

"We need more speakers like this; her enthusiasm was great and made the learning fun."

"Jan made me think, gave me tools to stimulate my mind and relax; I loved her; she was great, the best."

Thank you from all of us at FMI Corporation for your contribution to a most successful program.

Best regards,

J.B. Davis
Manager, Group Programs


Mind/Body Improvement Resources • 1066 S. Ogden Drive Los Angeles, CA 90019 • 310-702-4455 • [email protected]