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An Interview with Steve Dacri, star of the television show, "Magic Secrets from Around the World".

What is magic?
The word "MAGIC" takes on many meanings, but our focus in this course is to better acquaint you with "the art of entertaining by causing an audience to temporarily accept that you can bend, or defy, the laws of nature".

Will I have to buy special props to do these tricks?
No. Everything you need is included in the kit, except for a few props you might have to make with things you can find around the home or office. People always assume that in order to perform a magic trick, you are required to have specially purchased props or "gimmicks". While this is sometimes true, you are about to discover that you do not have to buy anything in order to present many of the tricks and routines in this kit. Most of them are brought about using ordinary objects. That, my friends is REAL magic! Most of the tricks can be performed with items that you will be able to carry with you. I always make sure I have some of these items in my pockets or briefcase so that I am always prepared to perform some special feat of magic should the situation arise.

How did "Steve Dacri's Magic Secrets from Around the World" come about?
Over the years, I have talked with magicians throughout the world about teaching magic to people who want to learn a few tricks, people like you, who have no interest in becoming full-time magicians, but who would just like to do something magical, entertaining, and unexplainable from time to time. In 1985, I created the world's first magic video called Magic Secrets, which taught magic to the general public. It was a huge success, and thousands of people have since written and thanked me for introducing them to the world of magic. Now, for the first time, I have assembled some of the best tricks from some of the most entertaining magicians on this planet. The tricks all share one thing in common - all of them appear to require tremendous skill and years of practice. Yet, without exception, any one of these tricks in Volume 1 can be learned in 10 minutes or less. Pretty cool, huh?

Who will do these tricks?
YOU WILL! This collection of tricks is suitable for all ages. I have taught children to perform many of them, and I have taught these and other routines to thousands of adults as well. As you may have heard me say on the TV show which introduced you to this kit, over the years, many people have often asked me to "teach them just one trick". These people said they wanted to learn one trick for various reasons; to show their friends, to warm someone up during a sales call, to entertain guests at a party, to impress a date, and on and on. These routines are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Children will learn some of these tricks to show their friends and family, and maybe, like my son, Jesse, some will demonstrate one of these routines for "show and tell" or work magic into a oral presentation at school. Businessmen will use these tricks to break the ice at a meeting or an appointment. Doctors will do a trick to put their patients at ease. That's the great thing about magic - it can be done almost anywhere, by anyone.

How do other magicians feel about you giving away secrets?

Magicians are happy we are doing this. We are increasing the interest in magic and teaching magic to people who show an interest in learning. There is a big difference between exposure and teaching. Teaching magic is a way of presenting material to people who are sincerely interested in learning. This is the only way magic can grow and continue to flourish.

Isn't it true that magicians spend years perfecting their craft?
When you see me (or any magician) perform, you assume that these tricks require GREAT SKILL and YEARS OF PRACTICE. In most cases this is true. Some tricks actually do require years of practice. It would be wrong for me to attempt to teach those tricks to you now. If you become serious about developing your skill as a performing magician, there are many videos, schools, clubs and organizations for you to pursue your growing interest. (Log on to www.magicwebchannel.com to find out all about them.) For this course, I have assembled a number of great magic tricks that have two things in common: (1) they are extremely easy to do, and (2) they appear to require great skill or special powers to bring them about. You can master them all even if you have never done a magic trick before.

Will I have to practice a lot?
Whenever I think back to my high school years (and before), I recall the many times I was yelled at during a class or study hall when I would drop a half dollar and noisily disrupt the class. I didn't drop it on purpose, but I was constantly practicing the art of coin palming at the time, and I would carry a coin concealed in each hand in the Classic Palm position all day long. Occasionally one would slip out and fall and roll to the front of the class. Remember, everything presented on the video and in the accompanying book can be performed with a relatively small amount of practice, provided you take your time and follow these all-important steps which have been laid out in detail for you. As a professional magician, I am very much like a musician. A concert pianist practices for years. That is his life, and therefore, it is understandable that he will be practicing with incredible devotion. Professional magicians practice their art in the same way. However, with the proper attitude, nearly anyone who desires to play the piano as a hobby, for family or friends, or in front of any group, can do so with a few months of practice . . . and the proper attitude. In many ways, Magic is a lot easier to master at the beginning level. With only a few minutes practice, many miracles can be performed by people who have never had any experience before.


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