Tony Brook MMC

Each month we will introduce you to one of the members of our Esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors. Here, it's our very own Tony Brook, the Director of International Operations for Magic Web Channel. Tony was one of the very first to climb on board and accept our invitation to become involved during the very early stages of development. He brings his vast experience and knowledge to the table, and has been instrumental in the creation of the foundation on which Magic Web Channel is built. His love of magic is evident in all he does. We value his many contributions and advice. But most of all, we value his friendship.

Tony Brook got the magic bug at age 5 when his father showed him a card effect. It was the beginning of a passion that has endured to date, which is over 50 years. Currently, he performs as 'The Magical Mind of Tony Brook ' or as Anthony Darkstone. Having Native American connections he also performs as a shaman called Tony Two Eagles. He has covered all the areas of magic from close-up to illusions. Over the last 15 years he has become well known internationally for his special brand of magic that he refers to as ' Magic of the Mind'. He is also well known for his lateral thinking, has created several interesting effects and was invited to contribute to Paul Hallas' book 'Mindful Mentalism II'. His current manuscript is entitled " The Direction of Mis-Direction".

He was honored, to be on the front cover of the January 2001 issue of M-U-M, a leading International magic publication, which is published by the Society of American Magicians. This is a rare honor that is given to certain World Class magicians including David Copperfield. He has been featured more than once in Dan Garrett's prestigious column entitled ' World Class Magic'. He is a Member of many International magic organizations and is on the Panel of Magic Advisors and The Director of International Operations for The Magic Web Channel in the USA. He is also the President of Assembly 272 of The Society of American Magicians.

He is a highly experienced magician and his advice is eagerly sought as a Magical Advisor. He moved to Portugal in 1987 he has become well known as a Producer and Director of Magic Shows, several as fund-raisers for charitable institutions. He is also a Marketing Strategist & Communication Specialist. Over the years, he has been involved in Radio and TV. At one time he was both the Producer and Host of the only English speaking nationwide radio show in Portugal. He has appeared several times on RTP1 the International Portuguese TV channel with many original mental effects. He has been a judge at magic contests including S.A.M in New Orleans 2001. He lectures and writes on magic. His work on magic has been featured in many publications and sites including ABRAcadabra, The Linking Ring, MUM, The Wizard's Report, O Magico, Smoke & Mirrors, Mr.Gadfly, The Banshee,, and he was the author of the FISM 2000 article published in the March 2000 issue of MAGIC. He has acquired a reputation for his interviews appearing here on Magic Web Channel, entitled ' Tony Brook In Conversation With ' - a series of articles, which has featured several leading names including - Dan Garrett, Eugene Burger, George Saterial, Bob Blau, Bob Knigge, Scott Wells, Walter Zaney Blaney, Joaquin Ayala, Mike Stratman and Jon Racherbaumer.

Last, but by no means least, he is the proud father of Award winning International magician Charles Brook. Tony Brook sums up his philosophy on magic as follows:- " Magic must always be pure Entertainment. The real magic begins after the curtains close and they being talking about your act. What other profession in the world has 2000 people on their feet giving you a standing ovation for intriguing them?"

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