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We suggest you visit Norm Niesen's great website, where magic posters - both original, rare works of art, and high-quality reproductions are offered to collectors and magic enthusiasts, with emphasis on fast, efficient service and the world's largest collection of posters, along with unique magic props and the famous NN bottles.

LIGHTER THAN AIR? If you would like to float yourself, and you need a new method, try "The FInal Word in Self-Levitation" which is what they call Aaron Paterson's "Icarus Effect".


Kevin James has yet another version of the famous SNOWSTORM effect. He haqs created what I believe is the absolute best one ever. No sound (unless you are sitting on the stage), and the snow really shoot up high. Looks like an ordinary napkin holder sitting on a very thin table. Check this out.

The Trickery claims to have over 3,000 items for magicians, and who are we to count? Their site has plenty of online demonstrations to watch and their customer service is great, I've been told. Check them out.

If you are like me, you have loads of props and junk that needs to have a home. There is always a need for another trunk, right? Here's a great looking "Magic History Trunk", decorated with classic magic posters, and beautifully cloth-lined interior. I have one of these babies sitting in my office, it's a great looking piece, and it holds a lot of junk. Available in 2 sized, I just went for the largest one, which is only $5 more than the smaller one. Check this out.

Finally, check out Scotty York's new effect, "QUINTUPLICATE COINCIDENCE" which is better than it sounds. A GREAT effect, full of entertainment value and one that you will use. Looks like extremely difficult sleight of hand, but it is truly self-working. Comes with beautifully-made custom cards, and full routine. Available only from Denny and Lee.

Louis Falanga and the gang at L&L Publishing have released a number of truly incredible and highly noteworthy products. They have the largest, and the most extensive library of instructional DVD programs, and they have tgruly outdone themselves with the latest batch of discs. Of particular note, the "Royal Road to Card Magic" is a 3 DVD set that covers everything the original book (my first card magic book) and more. Can't recommend this one enough, if you love card magic, no matter what skill level, this will be a great addition to your library and your practice.

Also, check out the Steve Dacri 3 DVD set (available right here on our very own site, of course) and the new Max Maven set.

Another great series, "Sessions with Simon" contains blockbusters that are not knuckle busters from the brilliant mind of Simon Aronson. Get all 3 DVD's, they are priceless if you want to perform killer magic.

Also from L&L Publishing, the "World's Greats Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians" is a multi-volume collection that covers every aspect of the art of magic. The latest volume released is "Sponge Balls" which features the classic routines of such luminaries of the sponge ball magic world as Frank Garcia (my teacher), Flip, Albert Goshman, Daryl and yours truly, to name a few. The also just released "Thumb Tip Magic" which is destined to be another best seller.

Previous Picks


Roger Dreyer has opened the finest magic shop in the world, in downtown Manhattan, "Fantasma Magic" which features the entire line of Fantasma, plus exclusive props and items from top craftsmen all over the world. Magic Sets, books, DVD's gifts, and priceless magic illusion displays, plus performers siuch as David Roth and SImon Lovell are on staff to make this the ultimate magic shopping experience. Magic Collections and props are made for all ages, and this line of high-end setstricks and sets make great gifts for any age or skill level. One of the finest magic sets is called the Legends of Magic, which contains great tricks, and a DVD with rare footage of Houdini, Blackstone, Slydini and others. Avaliable online, too, from Fantasma Magic.

The Magic Warehouse has an every changing array of magic for all enthusiasts, and they have great service dispensed by an efficient staff.

And Joe Porper, known the world over for his craftsmanship and original products, offers the latest close-up props, made from real casino chips. Shells, folding, sliding, flipper coins, all made with poker chips. Amazing workmanship.

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