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Best wishes to all of the winners.

I have been taken to task for my previous comments regarding this election. While I admit to being angry at the outcome, if anyone has a question about what actually took place, I suggest you contact Jack Delvin who will be happy to provide you with the facts. I am not going to comment any further. The elections are over, and we all need to move on.

I did not mean to imply that Alan Shaxon, our illustrious president, or anyone else for that matter, was involved in any rule-breaking.

In reporting the actions of others, It was never my intention to cast a bad light on anyone, particularly Alan, who has been and continues to be a fine president and representative of our Society.

Nor would I want to shed a negative light on our Recording Officer who oversees these matters.

And equally important, I want to apologize to Chris Pratt for any remarks that have been posted here which call into question his ethics or reputation. We appreciate and acknowledge the fact that Chris has been an admirable Secretary for our Society for the past 22 years, and I take full responsibility for any potentially damaging remarks that have appeared here.

I sincerely apologize to anyone who may feel I have been less that forthright in my comments and their implications. That has never been my intention.

In hindsight, I should have remained completely neutral in my handling of the facts, and assure all members that in the future, I will remain so, and simply allow others to say their piece without comment or color from me.

Alan Shaxon -unopposed
Jack Delvin - 309
Chris Pratt - 322 *
David Ball -unopposed
Keith Cooper -unopposed
The complete list of candidates who won for Council:
Ali Bongo - 511
Jack Delvin - 437
Scott Penrose - 432
(Chris Pratt - 415)
Graham Reed - 399
Michael Bailey - 395
Peter Scarlett - 388
Richard Stupple - 371
Chris Woodward - 340
Henry Lewis - 332
Rupert Connell - 331
Rob Cox - 331
Andrew Eborn - 324
Rob Page - 311
James Fortune - 301
Those that missed:

John Derris - 288
Fay Presto - 283
Alan Maskell - 238
Michael Carr - 184


The Council has requested that we keep this top secret information out of the hands of non-members of The Magic Circle. They have suggested that we use a password protected area...

As a result, we have decided to place this gate up, and you must know the password, or you are not worthy of entering.

After all, this is valuable and important material, including sensitive, personal information and possible even secrets of the art of magic, or of our Society. Therefore, this is a step we can take to keep it out of the hands of the general public. This is ONLY for members of The Magic Circle...

FIRST, the USER NAME is "member". No caps, just lower case.


No, I can't tell you that, you have to figure it out. And to be sure that only members of The Magic Circle can get into this secret place, we have made the password something that ONLY a member would know.

CLUE: The current Vice-President. We only want the last name, and again, all lower case letters.

I must ask that you don't reveal this password to anyone outside of The Magic Circle, or else you may find yourself in very serious do-do.


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