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Who are we and why are we here?
A constantly updated listing of all things magic, including events, magicians, products, services, and recommended hot links. Includes I.C.E. (Interactive Conventions and Events List.
Magic News
What's going on in the world of magic.
MWC News & Weekly and Monthly Features
Links to other News sites.
Magic Mall
The world's finest magic inventors, craftsmen, authors and manufacturers offer their wares in the most exclusive collection of magic related products on the planet. An ever-changing array of tricks, books, props, sets, gifts, videos, DVD's, CD-ROMS, etc.
The Main Store - Our own magic department store.
Links to the cream of the magic merchants.
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Columns by Celebrity Magicians, members of our Panel of Magic Advisors and special guests.

ABRACADACRI - Steve' Dacri's weekly feature
IN CONVERSATION WITH... - Tony Brook's popular feature
THE PERFORMER'S NOTEBOOK - Dennis Reigling give's practical advice
SIMON SAYS - Simon Lovell always haqs something to say
BEV SPEAKS - thoughts and views from the creative mind of Bev Bergeron
SEABROOKE'S WORLD - by Terry (Terrence the Near Great) Seabrooke
ASK THE EXPERT - by Brad Burt - Brad answers your questions
THE WIRED WIZARD - by Dan Garrett - sage advice from a master showman

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For magicians only, this password-protected section of MWC prevents exposure of esoteric secrets to the general public. Workshops and chats, discussions and forums, CLASSIFIED ADS, AUCTIONS, etc.
Panel of Magic Advisors
The panel is made up of a very special, well-respected group of magic notables. We consider them the "Royalty" of the magic community, a growing assembly of magic's luminaries, who, together with future additions, are forever locked together in a common love and respect for the Art of Magic.
ELM (Every Living Magician)
Comprehensive database of magicians from around the world. Professional Listings as well as hobbyists, collectors, part-time professionals, etc.
Web Design, Agency Representation, Enhanced Listings, Advertising, Photography, Videotaping, Career Counseling, etc.
Links to additional services and resources
Magicians for Hire
For corporate, private parties, birthday parties, all events. A one-stop resource for meeting planners and talent buyers and casting agencies. In house agency, plus links to outside agencies and talent suppliers.
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Descriptions of the most prominent magic organizations in the world, such as SAM, IBM, The Magic Circle, Academy of Magical Arts, IMS, IMP, as well as regional clubs and organizations.
Links to all organizations.
InternetMagicFederation (IMF)
An International Organization dedicated to the advancement and preservation of the Art of Magic on the World Wide Web.
ICE - interactive Conventions and Events
Comprehensive Worldwide Listings of all upcoming magic conventions & events.
Online Magic Lessons and Classes for all skill levels taught by experts.
Links to other schools and camps.
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A permanent, interactive exhibit honoring the achievements of magicians from the past and present. Advanced features allow visitors to search the database, view pictures, video and text for nearly every inductee.



ENDANGERED SPECIES - Follow our reports on the people and places that are dedicated to saving the big cats from extinction.

BIG CAT RESCUE - One of the most important places on the planet, Don and Carole unselfishly care for many endangered species in their Tampa, Florida facility.
The Beatles are magic, check our the latest news about Paul and the group.
I know, it's only rock and roll, by we like, love it, yes we do...tell me the Stone's are not magical...the latest news about Mick and the boys.
Stop by for interesting info, and find out about Mister Cigar (www.MRCIGAR.COM) and the weekly Outlaw Radio Show.

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