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(LAS VEGAS) - Well what can I say, keeping up with 12 web sites and writing assignments is a never-ending series of tasks, so we are attempting to consolidate things a bit to make it easier for you to read everything and for me to stay current.

All of my blogs are here.

Bookmark those pages, check with them at least once a week and you will be updated on all thins magic in vegas and beyond, including all of my shows, both here at the Las Vegas Hilton as well as my out of town gigs.




RECENTLY: (LAS VEGAS) - I stepped off the elevator, escorted by a security guard, at the rooftop level of Las Vegas Hilton's Sky Villa floor, where Elvis used to stay, and into the Villa where I would be performing a bit of magic tonight. Walking into to door is like walking into someone's lavish mansion, but this is in the sky, literally, high above the Vegas Strip, which is visible from the floor to ceiling windows that provide a view that takes your breath away.

And at 15,000 square feet, it's bigger than most people's houses by a long shot.

The gathering room, or living room area, is one of many; it has a massive bar, huge couches and chairs, and one of 6 gigantic chandeliers in the middle of the space. This is where I will do my act, so I proceed to set things up and hide then in a corner until showtime.

The purpose of this event, one of Mark Wayman's (the Godfather of Las Vegas) private gatherings of some of the most interesting and powerful people on the planet.

He had about 75 people there, including celebrities, CEO's, and a few genuine legends on hand, but when I arrived, it was just him and his wife Susan, so I had a chance to experience the place empty (aside from the numerous waiters, butlers, bartenders and others dressed in black and ready to serve the guests whatever they may wish for.

I stopped counting the bedrooms at 6, there may have been more, who could keep track? The place just seemed to go on forever, there were 10 bathrooms, 3 (or was it 4) gigantic marble jacuzzi tubes, each one sunken into marble steps, and surrounded by fireplaces and digital TV screens. THe bedrooms have TV's that rise from hidden platforms at the touch of a button, each room has it's own special lighting effects and push button drapes and music controls, sitting areas that were bigger than most hotel rooms, and dressing areas and studies and more dens and TV rooms and...oh, did I mention the pool? Several of the doors open out to an outdoor deck with a giant pool, not a little soaking tub, but a pool like most people with homes have in their back yards.

I counted 15 TV screens, enough for Elvis to shoot at, and 5 bars, enough to provide the guests with all they could possibly drink tonight.

And a food spread covered one wall, with sushi, fruits, exotic cheeses and breads, sandwiches, veggies, the works.

For a mere $20,000 a night, I don't think I'll be staying there anytime soon, which is probably true for most of the guests there tonight. Except for the Godfather, of course.

Check out my column every week on Vegas Inside Tips, called VEGAS MAGIC.



Top down, early morning sun as I drive out of Los Angeles on my way home to Vegas, heading over the Cajon Pass, that long highway that stretches from the valley to the top of the first big mountain range you have to pass.  At the top, over 4,000 feet above sea level,  there’s a sign for the “Summit Inn”, non-descript sign we have all seen as we sail past it, either on the way to Vegas or on the road to Los Angeles.  There’s a gas station at that exit, and not much else. 



On this particular morning, I decided it was time for a bit of food, so I had a breakfast in mind, and told myself to be on the lookout for familiar food signs once I hit the high desert towns I was about to approach.  That’s when that familiar “Summit Inn” sign popped into view.  I’ve seen it every time I’ve driven by it, dozens of times, and never had the urge to stop there.  Not very inviting at first glace.

I find the exit, fly off the ramp and hit semi-dirt road (it’s actually historic Highway Route 66) that leads to this old shack, it’s a diner inside, but you wouldn’t know it from the outside.  Along the short road, there are old tractors, farm equipment, all displays of genuine vehicles that one time worked the land no doubt. 

The shack with signs offering food and lotto tickets, looks like that highly appealing joint we call a local good food stop.  Usually (but not always) home cooking, and friendly service not found in the roadside carbon copy chain restaurants with picture-menus for ease in selecting your poison.

As one who has spent a great deal of time on the road, I learned to seek out the locals eating spots.  Great food more often that not and a flavor of the local area, a slice of life in that area, where most of the patrons live within walking distance of the place.  Much rather a family-owned place over a chain restaurant, which I avoid at all costs.

When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere.  Warm and friendly, been there forever (opened in 1952, my favorite year), every available space on the walls is covered with a metal sign or license plate or gold record, lots of really old stuff make you feel like it’s a diner from way back.  That’s because it is.

Joanie, the fantastic manager was delivering food, taking orders, keeping conversations with a number of locals, welcomed me and brought a fresh cups of java and the menu.  She was off to another booth where she was engaged in conversations with more locals.  As I looked around, I was suddenly sitting in a diner in Worcester, Massachusetts with my dad, in the late 50’s or 60’s, ordering a hamburger and milk shake with extra cream.

We worms (as Worcester natives are sometimes called) know a thing or two about diners.  We invented diners.  Commercial production of diners began in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1887.

Next time you’re in a diner, the real box car heavy metal constructed diner, look for a metal plate by the front door identifying it’s manufacturer, and nearly all of them are made at the Worcester Lunch Car Company.  There are more real diners located in Worcester that any other city on earth, and believe me, we are very proud.  Just think of how many arteries have been clogged in one of these bastions of high cholesterol meals that taste so good...

I grew up eating in diners, 3 of them now in the national Registry of Historic Places, making me some sort of an expert.  I no longer eat in those kinds of places in the interest of health and wellness, but once in a while, I need to have my fix.

The Summit Inn is a slice of history.  This place was not a real lunch car, but the inside looked just like a real Worcester diner, from the stools around the counter, the mix of booths and metal tables and chairs, the white tile, neon signs and handwritten signs all over the place.  It had the feel of a diner which is a good thing.  I could see through the window in the metal wall guarding the kitchen, a surprisingly large kitchen, and a one guy darting about, multi-tasking all the elements of the meals, a one man kitchen, a great cook, who I suspect cooks some tasty lunch and dinner items, too.  He seemed pretty relaxed, as he effortlessly handled the mild morning rush.  There were a lot more empty seats than full ones, but there was a pleasant buzz from all the locals, and the rock and roll on the sound system.

The real test is in the food, and I was super impressed.  I went with the unimaginative bacon and eggs, as it involved zero thought and it’s quick.

A simple meal.  Easy to ruin.  It’s a crap shoot.  I came up a winner.  Eggs cooked perfectly, home made hash browns, with diced onions, soft and crispy at the same time, crispy bacon (I counted 6 strips) and thick rye bread toast, I rarely do this, but it was certainly worth it.  The menu lists loads of comfort food items, and even Buffalo and Ostrich burgers.

Selfishly, when I left the place, I thought about keeping this to myself.  But common sense prevailed and I decided I want more people to experience this little secret at the top of the mountains.  Next time you find yourself at the top of the El Cajon Pass, stop in.  Ask for Joanie.  Great service, fantastic food cooked perfectly, fabulous atmosphere.
 I’ll be timing my trips to include a meal there as often as possible.


Thanks for all the kind words on funny comments on our show "Nathan & Nina's Wedding" and the blow-by-blow account of the big weekend in Canada. IN case you missed it, here's my story, taken from my diary every day. It's here.



Ch-Ch-Chi Changes...

You may have noticed a few changes here and there within our humble magic web channel digs, all for the good, we hope. Mostly a lot of cleaning up and updating, which is a constant, never-ending task anyway.

We discovered a few hundred pages of old web content, and I mean OLD. Some dated back to 2001, which is insane.

So, little by little, since the end of last year, we've been diligently working to revise the place and make things easier to find and use. The GUIDE still continues to be one of the most visited pages of the whole site, along with our Online School. Feel free to drop us an email and tell us what you like or what you might like to see here. We are not trying to be everything, or duplicate things that are already being done by others (and very well, in most cases), we are merely a stop along your way to other places. We offer a constantly revised list of magic suppliers for hassle-free shopping. With so many fly-by-niht web sites popping up all over the place, it's important that you make sure the place you are thinking of sending your credit card information is a real dealer, so be sure and check out our list. If they are not on that list, we cannot vouch for the safety of your purchase.

And our very own mall is always adding new items, including collectibles and a small number of used items, so check back often to see if something might catch your eye.

FInally, is now passing 90 weeks of continuous publication, and still going strong. SUbscribe today, while it's still free, and check out the news from Vegas every week.


Have a great week...

Magically yours,





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