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July 10, 2006
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Beatles Magic in Vegas...



Ringo Starr greets (with wife Barbara) Roy & Siegfried in Las Vegas at the gala
world premier of LOVE.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Okay, so Paul McCartney did not show up for the Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band concert the next day, but aside from that, the closest thing to a Beatles Reunion took place at the opeing of Love at the Mirage.

We caught the opening of the show, the red carpet event before, the party after, then the next night, we saw Ringo in concert followed by the Beach Boys the next night (we could have lived without that experience), as the Beach Boys as they call themselves, consisted of about 8 guys onstage, only one of whom was a real Beach Boy, that being Mike Love, the lead singer and co-writer of many of the hits. The rest (oh yeah, Bruce Johnson has been playing with them since the early days, and he was there, but he is mostly useless in the sounds of the group.





By contrast, Beach Boys founder and only remaining Wilson brother, the genius Brian Wilson played the previous night in Vegas, and from what we are hearing from those who attended, he sounded record perfect on all the greatest hits of the BB. We would have loved to see that show, but it was happening at the exact same time as Ringo took the stage just down the road (or should I say STRIP).

The desert is hot, the temps have not been below 100 since the LOVE show opened, and they will remain as such for another couple of mind-baking months.





As I mentioned, the gala opening of "Love" at the Mirage provided enough heat to get the Beatles music into the air for what should be a very long engagement here. Officials at the Mirage have stated they plan for this show to run for at least ten years.

Joined by fellow Beatle fan and pal Billy Collins (yes, THAT Billy Collins), Jan and I attended the world premiere with about 5,000 other invited guests at the show, and at the secret party afterwards, attended by everyone that is connected with the Beatles that is still on this planet. It was a night we will never forget. Read all about it here...

Since we posted this article, many people have kindle forwarded additional photos to us, so we have updated the article and added more photos. A few of the latest ones to come in are included here. Enjoy the article. It was really a night that we will not easily forget!



.And it was also a bittersweet moment for our friends, Siegfried and Roy, who arrived to see their showroom for the first time since their show ended. The theater is now completely transformed into a totally new space for this show. Roy walked in, supported by Siegfried and Lynette, and both were in great spirits, especially with the enthusiastic reception they received going in, and during the performance. SIegfried told me they were not emotionally affected until the show began, and they began to realize that the show they did in that room was not ever to be repeated. He said they were happy that they were the "opening act for the Beatles" and he said they wished the show and its producers well.

MORE PHOTOS FROM LOVE OPENING...also check this page  



A long list of emails has been streaming in, from Germany, Ireland, Finland, Italy and around the US this week alone...

I guess L&L Publishing ships promptly! I can't tell you how great it is to hear from so many folks about the series of DVD's. It is humbling to know that so many have been positively affected and totally enjoy the programs. They represent a lifetime of performing experience, and it was always my main intent to teach and inspire, and so far, based upon all of this wonderful feedback, that is exactly what these programs are doing.

Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot.

Titled "The Magic of Steve Dacri - No Filler", I watched them last night, and I must say, "boy that guy is great"...I mean the editor, of course. I have been getting emails from all over from happy magicians, and I want to take this moment to thank Louis Falanga and the staff up there for the fantastic job they did, not only with the DVD programs themselves, but with the packaging. You made me look good. Again...Thanks a million.



Imagine swimming on a beach, listening to Beatles music, then add the image of Ringo, as you look up from the waves and there he is, singing "Yellow Submarine".

That's exactly the experience we had last night (okay, a few nights ago) here in Las Vegas in what has to be the most unique concert venue in Vegas. The Manadalay Bay Hotel has an amazing Beach, a real beach, with sand and waves and palm trees, all in the middle of a desert, and consrtucted above the beach is a stage, hanging over the beach. The band is about 12 feet up, so visible from anywhere on the beach. Add state of the art sound system, great lights, and Ringo and his All Starr Band make this a wild night full of greaqt music and a lot of bikinis.

There were 3 of us, my better half Jan, and former child star Billy Collins (baby Beau in Gone with the Wind, and sometimes regular on sit-coms like "Facts of Life" and "The Honeymooners") accompanied me to this event, with tickets from the guru of concert seats, Ron Greenhaw who never fails to get the impossible seats to the most difficult events anywhere on the planet.

Seriously, Ron how do you do it? You should write a movie script, it would make a truly unbelievable story. I know, because I have been in many of the chapters of said book. We have had some unforettable experiences over the years...like the front row at Paul's Thanksgiving eve show in LA, slapping five with Sir Paul and screaming like little girly men...or perhaps the recent front row Rolling Stones show at the fabulous Forum (yes, I still have the guitar pick that Keith personally gave me during the party)...But I digress...



This is all Jan's experience, and apropriate that it happened as it did. Her very own special "Beatle encounter". You see, a few years ago, I first met Ringo (my own Beatle encounter) while I was performing in the South of France...a chance meeting I will never forget, the absolute highlight of my trip. Jan was busy sleeping at home in Los Angeles at the time that I was talking with RIngo, so this time, Jan got the chance.

We arrived an hour or so early at the gate, which was closed until one hour before the concert. We were supposed to be let in, but that was not happening. So we sat among the other nut jobs and assorted folks in line. Jan suggested that Billy and I go off and find some food, bring her back something. Off we go. Do you have any idea how many bars there are between the Beach and the food establishments? More than I can recall, but we started off with good intentions, heading directly for the casino and the food.

We were stopped almost immediately at the Sports Book Bar, a place I sat with Billy McComb many times, and we rasied a glass in McComb's memory.

Then it was the casino royal bar, followed by the soon-to-be Beatles bar. Next it was the "Burger Bar", which was perfect. It had the food thing, and more importantly, it had the bar happening, too.

Creative costumes make the hostess and waitresses very enjoyable, and soon it was magic tricks and free-flowing cocktails, as cards appeared in wierd places and a signed card somehow ended up on the ceiling fan above our heads.

Burgers arrived, one last card trick, then we helped then evaluate a new martini recipe. The food to go bag arrived just in time, as Billy was now on top of the bar, stripping to Boot Scootin' Boogie with one of the hostesses and the police were called.

Meanwhile, back at the Beach, did you think I forgot?

Just wanted to put you into the framework of how it all went down, because as we were disrupting the Burger Bar staff, Jan says she was spotted by someone who recognized her from her recent keynote speaking engagement for the MGM Mirage management...

Next thing ya know, they are walking her into the still closed beach, and directly over to the edge of the water in front of the stage, and she looks up at the sound of the music. The band is running through "Honey Don't" and there he is, Ringo, singing and smiling. The song ends, ROngo looks at Jan, and says, "Well, it looks like we got the crowd dancing". She laughs and as she turns to look around, she discovers she is the only person there, except for some security folk standing near the exits.

As she delightedly told me later, for about 10 minutes, it was like she had Ringo all to herself. He joked a lot, and the other band members also chatted with her, mostly Edgar Winter and Billy Squire. They played 2 songs, and parts of another. They invited her to their private cabana for sushi and punch. She doesn't remember much after that.


So, Billy and I arrive with the bag of food, and we get back to the line (it now stretches completely around the hotel and almost into California), but Jan was number 6 in line, only now she is not there. We ask number 5 where she might be.

"She's inside, with Ringo".

Funny. Right. So, "where is she really?"

"Really. She's with Ringo. She left her stuff here."

Comedians. The world is full of them. That's what I'm thinking. I pick up her phone (odd that she left it, which makes me think she might have left quickly or left it nehind for me to find) and hit the button for the last call...it rings. Jan answers. Brilliant.

"Hi honey. I can't talk right now. I'm with Ringo."

She hangs up.

Okay. Well, at least I know where she is. Numbers 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 are all smiling. "See? Told ya".

I think for a moment, then I head for the gate and the big football linebacker security guy and announce, "I have the food, take out delivery, excuse me." He just happened to be opeing the gate for 4 staff members, each of whom had the plastic laminated "STAFF" badges. I act like I am with them. It works every time.

Once inside, I realize I am one of only a handful of people milling about, but I am probably the only one who does not belong there, as I do not have that big laminated badge hanging from my neck. But I do have the food.

I punch the number again, and soon I am re-united wth Jan, now situated directly in front of the stage, her feet in the water, with blankets and towels spread out, and a well-oiled lifeguard feeding her grapes. We had the ultimate spot for enjoying the concert, complete with the beachfront real estate that allowed us to swim around before and even during the concert. Jan is floating on the memory of her recent encounter with a Beatle...and the smile never left her face for the rest of the eve...

What a show. Ringo played drums, sttod oon the edge of the stage and sang, talked and joked with his band mates and with the crowd. They played for about 2 hours, with each band member playing their hits, and accompanying Ringo on all of his songs, which included "Boys", "Act Naturally", "With a Little Help from my Friends" and of course, "Yellow Submarine" when a few hundred of us swam around like water rats. We saw Yoko, seated with George and Giles Martin. Chatted with Paul's band, who were there to enjoy the show, hanging at the back bar.

Under the stars, on an incredible beach, listening to a hot band and Ringo. And I got to take home the hottest lady there...If that's not magic, I don't know what is.



My good friend funnyman Dick Doherty sends along his schedule for the new club in Boston, in partnership with legendary comic Steve Sweeney, called

711 Boylston St. Boston, Ma. Info & Reservations (617) 848-1229

When in Boston, be sure to check this place out, as well as the long running smoke free joint called "Remngton's Vault". Great atmosphere (it's a former bank, so the vault is a real downstairs walk in bank vault.) Great food, too. I love that place, I performed there a lot back in the 90's, when Dick had a lot more hair.

Also this great website for good clean jokes. We list it on our GUIDE, along with other always increasing listings of links and resources, but you already knew that.



SW interview with Jan coming next week...I'll leave the details to her..



The Performer's Notebook...our popular column continues this month with more useful tips from a working pro.

David Ginn has a wide experience in magic. He's done just about everything, but by specializing in school shows, he has supported his family and is recognized not only by his clients, but by other magicians as well as a top school performer.. ..read more.as Dennis discusses the importance of Targeted Marketing.


Magically yours,



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