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June 29, 2006
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Happy 6th Anniversary of MWC...



L&L Publishing releases a new title

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any hotter...well, the summer is here, and it is HOT. Saw two classic rockers last week, in a show that really blew us away.

I am proud to announce that the L&L Publishing series was recently released, a 3 volume set of DVD's shot in the famous L&L Studios in Lake Tahoe last year, and completed just now. Titled "The Magic of Steve Dacri - No Filler", I watched them last night, and I must say, "boy that guy is great"...I mean the editor, of course. I have been getting emails from all over from happy magicians, and I want to take this moment to thank Louis Falanga and the staff up there for the fantastic job they did, not only with the DVD programs themselves, but with the packaging. You made me look good. Thanks a million.

Eric Burdon and the Animals and Rare Earth. Rare Earth blew the joint away, with all original members singing and playing their hits with gusto...like "Get Ready" and all the others. Eric Burden is getting pretty old, had some rough spots in the show, but still managed to roar "House of the Rising Sun" and "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", along with his other greats. He was reading the words to the songs in many cases, from a book of lyrics, secretly placed on a music stand next to him, and he spent most of the show seated on a bar stool, clearly overweight and out of shape.But it was a rock and roll night, and one we won't forget.

That is really the best part of living here in Vegas...the shows. Every rocker, singer, comic, and (unfortunately) many magicians come here seeking fame and fortune. In the case of the magicians, we love to see great magic, but often the new act arrives and it is amateur level, and sall we say, "not ready for prime time". But they keep coming, spending thousands on props, advertising and room rents for a few months (or less) then they leave under cover of the night with lots of unpaid bills and poor reviews...


Magic Video Library is a website that was recently shown to me, and I am very excited about it.

Serving the magic community since 1979, obviously not online, but at the shop, which may in fact be a private home in New York. Phone/Fax: 516 826-3806 Open Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM - Sunday Closed

I am intrigued by the products. Rare, hard-to-find and sometimes unpublished Video Footage from Private Magic Conventions, Private Magic Lectures, Private Magic Club Sessions and Magician's Estates. Sometimes we are the only source for hard-to-find Magicians of old. PLEASE NOTE: some of the DVDs are previously viewed ORIGINAL PRE-RECORDED videos at a substantially low price.

One thing I am not sure of, however, and that is the rights to the footage offered. In some cases, the artists have not given their permission to sell these performaances, so I am not sure how that all will play out. Some priceless performances are listed, just not sure if the proper royalties are going to the magicians in the programs. We have our spies out checking into this right now. I'll report our findings next week.



All you need is love, and a few hundred people each night to turn this new show into a hit. I guess that is pretty much a given as far as the Beatles go. This show is gathering a press storm like this town has not seen since Elvis played at the Hilton.

The old Siegfried and Roy Theatre has been completed gutted and transformed into a new, in-the-round space with over 6,000 speakers to create the ultimate Beatles soundscape for the show.

Previews have begun, the show looks amazing, and all the details are here. Just another reason for you to make the trek over here to Vegas this summer. Bake in the sun and listen to Beatles at night. Perfect.



What does it feel like at 6 years?

I never thought that I would be here, involved in the day-to-day of this enterprise six years down the road. It seems to have flown by, really.

Is that a good thing?

Yes, absolutely.

When we first started, I remember that many people - wait a minute, make that MOST people - said that the Internet was just a fad, that mail would not last, and websites such as this one would be worthless in a few years. That was in 1999. Not very long ago, really.

We traveled to Lisbon, Portugal to introduce hatsandrabbits.com to the magic community, with the able assistance of such luminaries as Billy McComb, Milt Larsen, Paul Daniels and so many others. It was fun, and it was unchartered territory.

But here we are, six years later, and not only is the Internet here to stay, but it is hard to imagine what life would be like without the usefulness of the World Wide Wed and all that it provides, in terms of information, instant communication and other life enhancements.

The original name has grown to include many other related sites, and all famm under the umbrella of magicwebchannel.com and we are proud to say, it is now considered one of the most important websites in the world of magic.

We have thousands of visitors here at MagicWebChannel every single day. Our content continues to grow, and we get emails from people all over the planet telling us how much they love this website.

In the future, you can expect to see a lot of new enhancements, including our online school, a larger shopping mall, and more celebrity guest writers and staff advisors. The passowrd protected areas will grow also. We just never seen to have enough hours or man power to get it all done!

We always wanted this to be the first place that people turn to for the latest news and information about the world of magic, and use us as a stepping off point to magic merchants, publishers and events all over the world.

Your feedback is important and encouraged. Let us know how we're doing and what things you would like to see here.

So, as we raise a toast on July 1st, the official six year anniversary date, we thank all of you for your support and encouragement, and to our esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors, we salute you for your belief and assistance in helping us create a magic portal for everyone to enjoy.



Come and visit the NEW retail venue for a magical shopping experience like no other. Magic, juggling, balloons, electronic and glow in the dark toys, automata and a Houdini Museum display.

No store is like Fantasma's in the world! Free magic shows on the hour and even see an animatronic Houdini escape from a straight jacket. Fantasma's venue even has a secret VIP party room available for rent. Watch as your birthday child floats in air!

Our pal Roger Dreyer called us from New York just as the place was opening. He says, "Our new store is located on the North east corner of Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street. Diagonally across from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

The entrance is located on West 33rd Street above Sbarros on the second floor. Come ans see SImon Lovell, David Roth and other greats of the magic world as they perform magic and chat about the priceless collectibles that are all over the store."

Fantasma Magic is located in Manhattan at 421 7th Ave, 2nd floor, New York City Tel: 212 244 3633



Store hours:

Monday-Saturday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Special store hours available with private appointments.



SW called last week and wanted us to meet him at his still under construction Steve Wyrick Entertainment Complex. We met next to the world's largest photo of Wyrick, and headed into the construction area. (First, however, we were forced to strip naked to make sure we were not carrying any hidden cameras or microphones.)

They have poured the concrete in the showroom, and man...what a place this will be. A perfect theatre, 500 seats, intimate and grand at the same time. Jan pointed to a hole in the stage floor and asked what it was for. SW smiled and said "ventilation".

We also walked through the backstage areas, the dressing rooms, the UntraLounge and magic shop areas. This will be one heck of a production, and I fully expect that the seats will be filled to capacity when the show opens. I believe it will be running before the summer is over...and we will have a review of the very first performance on this page the next day.

Steve tells me he has made a deal with vent act Ron Lucas to bring his afternoon show into the SW showroom, which I think is a perfect compliment to the mix. Ron has enjoyed a successful run at the Rio, but financial deals over there have changed, forcing him to move elsewhere. This same reason pushed the Scinta's out of their showroom, and they recently opened on the strip, in the Sahara...

Jan promised she would have photos for our next report, taken with SW during this construction phase...

By the way, the reviews for Steve's show in Atlantic City were fabulous. Everyone loved the show, raves in every paper and magazine. And I don't think Steve wrote any of them himself. One writer said it was the best magic show seen in years in AC. Bravo SW. Las Vegas awaits...




A note from our friends in the Houdini business...


If you are in the Pennsylvania area (Scranton) this summer, and if you like to be scared, this is for you. Every Thursday and Saturday from June 2, 2006 through Labor Day weekend, by reservation, you can take part in an actual seance, just like the ones Houdini used to de-bunk.

Admission $30.00 per person, and well worth the price. This show is not recommended for the very young, weak of heart, those that are afraid of the dark, or easily frightened. No pacemakers please. The curtain rises at 7:30 PM. Haunted!" Times available for bus groups any day of the year. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED (570) 383-9297
As Dorothy says, "Great for bus groups, corporate parties and the unafraid!"

For more information call Penny Wilkes at (570) 383-1821 The Houdini Museum box office number is 570 342-5555

Psychic Theater Productions is once again holding over the new stage production of “HAUNTED!” at the Houdini Museum Theater.

The exciting 3 hour paranormal stage presentation tells of hauntings at 1433 N. Main Avenue that are connected to a murder / suicide and other tragedies. These began in the 1920's and ended in the 1960’s, in the building that is over 100 years old, and is haunted by the ghost of a murder long ago, Photos and newspaper articles of the happenings are on display. Much of this is based on real people and events including area spiritualist, George Valentine, "the man who challenged Houdini!" That part of this drama was even reported in The New York Times over a three week period. He was a medium from the 1900's, who manifested seances in the Poconos, Scranton, Wilkes Barre and NE PA! The event ends with the recreation of a dark Victorian seance where the spirits of the protagonists are summoned.

The audience participates throughout, including, of course, during the seance. The story includes on the spot experiments in mind control, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, psychokinesis, sightless vision, and the dark seance. National television shows such as Discovery Channel's "Exploring The Unknown," The Biography Channel, The Travel Channl, and the BBC's Dead Famous have visited the building at 1433 N. Main Avenue on several occasions to report on the amazing happenings there. The show was recently given the HorrorFind.com Award.


Theater goers hear, feel and see paranormal type happenings during "Haunted!" such as sounds, touches, ghosts, mind reading, mind control, or poltergeist activity that they will not be able to fully explain and duplicate. If you can your tickets will be free and you will be awarded $2,000.00 (See their website for details.)

You've heard about us on TV, now you visit with us! Is eyeless vision possible? Can premonition come true? See the strange powers imparted to a person struck by lightning!

The show ends with a dark seance where the spirits from beyond are summoned. An experience you'll never forget!
Do not reveal the ending! Includes a showing of two original psychic oil paintings by legendary Nino Pecoraro!
We dare you to stay till the end! America's #1 Psychic attraction.

See the Psychic Theater web site for more details.
Psychic Theater
1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton
(570) 383-9297


Here we are in the middle of the convention season. Our INTERACTIVE listings of every magic event and convention is here. See an event you want to learn more about? A simple click and you are taken directly to the source.


The Performer's Notebook...our popular column continues this month with more useful tips from a working pro.

My best friend, Irish magician Ruairi O'Connor is one of the top wedding magicians in the UK. He commands big fees and is in demand all over Ireland. This latest column from Dennis discusses the Wedding Magician, a place where magicians can make a fortune. As a magician, you should see a great opportunity here to market your skills. There are many ways a magician can help make the reception as memorable and enjoyable as possible. ..read more.

Next time I'll share our story of the exciting Beatles weekend here in Las Vegas, complete with a review of Ringo Starr's All Starr Band concert on the beach...will Paul show up or won't he???

Magically yours,



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