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Gay Blackstone, seen here with her late husband, the incomparable Harry Blackstone, Jr. As Harry's assistant, both on and off stage, Gay has travelled the world, appearing on the most prestigious stages, including the London Palladium, Broadway, Las Vegas and countless network television shows.



New Article: What is a Magical Assistant? By Kelly Peron


Las Vegas videographer Joanie Spina is no stranger to the art of storytelling. For the last 18 years she's been bringing her visions to fruition on the stage. She co-directed and choreographed magician David Copperfield's show for close to twelve years and choreographed his record breaking Broadway Show, Dreams and Nightmares. She has directed and staged shows at Caesar's Palace and Lady Luck Casino in Las Vegas, at the Claridge Hotel and Trump's Marina in Atlantic City, at Crystal Palace Casino in the Bahamas, and the Reno Hilton and Flamingo Hilton in Reno.

Now she turns her talents to documentary film making and video productions, as well as video and music editing.

"Female magicians are rare birds. And beautiful ones!"- Jan Dacri

Most people associate magicians with men only - not so, my friends. We have many great magical talents in the world of magic that belong to the fairer (smarter) sex. Here's where you will be able to meet them, read about them, listen to interviews, watch them perform.

A conversation with Jan Dacri,
whose ideas and visions for this section will be revealed over time.

Why a special section?

Are you kidding? People generally think of magicians as men. True most magicians are men, but I felt that we neewded to create a special pplace for all of the women in magic.

Will you be spotlighting various women?

Exactly. We are planning a series of articles by and about women in magic. We are also creating a permanent section where prominent female magicians will be honored and displayed.

Are you a magician?

I am a performer, a motivational speaker, actually. One of my topics is "Memory Magic", which is a form of magic, isn't it? During my presentation, I teach various "magic" tricks that use memory techniques.

Who can we expect to see in future articles?

Our first feature will be on our very own member of our esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors, Gay Blackstone. We are working on Luna Shimada, Ann White, Tina Lennert, Alyson, Diana Zimmerman, Joanie Spina, Elizabeth Warlock, Mandy Davis and Becky Blaney. That's for starters.





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