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What is a Magical Partner?


Life as a magical partner…..

What is a magical partner?
A magical partner is a term that I have not often heard used by anyone. It is a term that I feel very strongly about. To me a magical partner is a person male or female who not only assists a magician but also plays an intricate role in the shows and performances. They are able to discuss specific issues with each other, such as performing, financial, costuming and choreography, how to set up the show etc. without feeling like their ideas do not count or have meaning .These items are just the tip of the iceberg as to what you as a magical partner can take part in. A magical partner to me is much more than being just an assistant.

The terms I hear people use most often are assistant, box jumper and stage hand, however I rarely hear the term magical partner. If you want to take a more active role in magic, then maybe becoming a magical partner is for you. As a magical partner you are sharing the magic with each other and you feel like you are part of a team.

Along with assisting a magician a magical partner can help in many different ways both on stage and off. You are a very important part of who they are, what they do, and their role in the magic community. Some of the ways your role as a partner can help are, the creative process, the marketing, loading and unloading of props, setting up the show and more. Working along side my husband Kyle we both share equally in the responsibilities and tasks that make our show what it is. We do many of the things listed above together, and you as a magical partner can as well.

First, helping with the creative process can take on many forms. By helping with the creative process you can help each other with come up with ideas for an act, what works, what doesn’t work, and how to sequence certain acts or the best way to perform an illusion. It also gives a second set of eyes to a routine that may or may not be right. You can help each other creatively by watching videos, reading books or lecture notes, and even seeing live performances for ideas. For example, recently I was watching a video on stage movement and choreography, and I saw a move that I felt would be appropriate for our sword basket illusion. I called Kyle over and we watched it together, and then decided to work on the move together to see if it would work for us. This is just one example of how your role as a magical partner can help with the creative process of magic.

Another way the magical partner can help is with the marketing. By this I mean, both of you can help research where you might want to perform, take phone calls, send out press releases, mail the promotional packets, keep up the database, emails, book the shows and gather as much information as you can. Everyone knows that to run a successful magic business there is an awful lot that takes place off the stage. It is one reason why they call “show business”. Often people are not aware of just how much is involved in the running of a magic business when you are not performing. If you are involved in a magical partnership, the roles and responsibilities listed above are divided equally. You are both working together as a team to help things run smooth, and for the ultimate success of the business.

Finally, when you both arrive or leave the venue or event, while either of you may be busy meeting with the client, the other person can help get things moving by unloading or loading the items into/from your vehicle, and begin to either set them up or break down. This saves time especially if you are back to back with another entertainer or band, like at a big festival or fair. By doing this, it helps both of you feel less rushed. Sometimes, you or your partner may also need to run the sound. I do this for Kyle and even when he decides to change a routine mid show, I know what music to play because I know the show because I am an equal part in our show. If you know the show, you can also help by setting up the show along side the magician. Either of you should know what tricks, illusions and acts you both will be doing. If you are performing at a theater, either of you can also strike the stage, check out the lighting and do sound checks are just some of the things you can do. Knowing the show is a huge advantage to being a magical partner.

In conclusion, your role as a magical partner is much more than just being a magician’s assistant. By doing some or all of the above, you feel like you are an equal partner, and know that you help make the show and the business a success.
Kelly Peron



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