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Making The World Aware of the Plight of the World's Greatest Cats and Their Fight to Prevent Extinction



Both Jan and I have had a love affair with cats for as long as we have been alive. At one time, I had seven cats living in my house. Actually, those seven creatures ALLOWED me to live amongst them. And Jan has always had numerous furry critters (nine cats at one time) roaming her homes, too. We have both been fascinated with the big cats, and I know that in our frequent visits to zoos, I would spend most of the time talking with the tigers, lions and other big cats.

It is true that in another life, I was actually a feline. Not sure what kind, but I know I share a lot with these gorgeous beings. I must have. There is no other explanation for the behavior of cats when I am around them. They treat me like one of their own. We communicate on many levels. Hard to explain, you would have to witness this to appreciate it.

This is especially true with big cats. Tigers especially. Also lions, cougars, leopards, they all seem to connect with me very deeply. I have had many opportunities to be with these big cats. Sometimes in the cage with them. Very comfortable with them. It's uncanny.

Anyway, I digress. As you know, I am a film maker as well as a magician. I have been working on a number of film projects over the years, and two of them will be completed in the next six months. One of them is called,

Vanishing Cats

It's a documentary. I have filmed about half of it already. The rest of the filming will take place within the next few months. It's about the endangered species, these beautiful cats, and the fact that they are near extinction due to the actions of humans who don't know better.

There are places on this planet that exist solely to provide a safe home for these magnificent cats. One of those places is "Big Cat Rescue" in Florida. (This photo is one of their "babies", Shere Khan). Founded by Carole Baskin,
they are a rescue facility. They care and feed them, provide medical care and a comfortable environment for them to live. WIthout places such as these, which are privately owned and funded, many of the great cats would be gone from this planet. My goal is to showcase this and other similar places, and encourage people to support them through visits and donations. They really are wonderful places to visit, and the people that run them are very special, caring and generous souls that deserve more recognition than they have received so far.

With this one hour program, which will air on cable and television outlets and then be sold in video outlets and pet shops, more people will be exposed to these unique places and become aware of the necessity to do all we can to prevent these endangered species from disappearing forever.

Watch this page for more information and updates on this wonderful project.


India had a population of around 40,000 tigers at the beginning of the 20th century. By 1972 their numbers had gone down to 1,827. Now, the population of tigers in the country is estimated to be at about 3,500.

Incidentally, India is the only country in the world to have natural habitats for both tigers and lions.

Tigers are in the category of endangered animals. The Caspian, Bali and Java family of tigers has already become extinct while the number of South China tigers is estimated to be between 20-30.

The Royal Bengal tiger of India is also on the list of highly endangered animals.

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