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Geoffrey Durham's One Man Magical Show.
As reported by Rob Temple


On 27th April I went to the Darlington Arts Centre (England) to see Geoffrey Durham¹s magic show. It was, as I expected, a full house. There was, shall we say, magic in the air?
So on with the show!

Geoffrey came onto the stage and he explained how the theatre he was in was perfect
for his style of show. I knew from the beginning I was in for a good night. He started with a trick that he always performs, and it is now a classic of magic - the Torn & Restored Newspaper. Excellent beginning, with great lines delivered throughout.

He then explained that he started magic with a magic set as so many of us did. He showed us the exact magic set that he received as a child - it was complete in every way. (I wish I could say the same for mine).

For the rest of the show he fired out jokes like a machine gun (unfortunately they
came out too fast and there were too many of them to write down and use).
The tricks that followed included an appearing broom, the Chinese Rice Bowls, and a rope routine (he used the voice of the character that he is famous for - The Great Suprendo - recently featured on the 50 Greatest Magic Tricks television show on channel 4. He closed the first half of the show with a very polished Multiplying Martini Bottles, a fast paced routine that gets a huge response.

The Second half of the show opened with him moving through the audience with a case, showing close-up magic tricks. He then produced a ladder from it. Again, big applause. He then went back to the formal part of the show beginning with a very entertaining dictionary test, the linking finger rings (if I am not completely wrong then I would assume he used the Himber Ring Method) - combined with a Smoke Vase, and an egg bag with a very strong finish (I wont give it away here but let¹s just say that I didn¹t see it coming) and more. I won¹t tell you too much but I will say this; if he comes to your area, then by all means, go and see him.

Anyway, bye for now,

Robert Temple.

If you wish to contact me then you can e-mail me at [email protected].

(Thanks, again, Rob. SAounds like you had a great time at the show. By the way, you are correct, he id use a Himber Ring for the linking finger ring routine. Such a terrific routine, I use it often myself.- SD)


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