David Knight

Southern California
(909) 863-1250
[email protected]



"The Next Generation of Magic"

David, now 18 years old, has had a passion for the art of illusion since he was a young boy. He has developed his God-given talent over the years, mastering street magic, escapes and stage illusion.

David's great respect and fascination for Harry Houdini has lead him to master some of Houdini's most well-known escapes, including metamorphosis, the straight jacket and thumb cuffs. He is believed to be the youngest magician to perform Houdini's famous water torture cell.


At 17 years of age he was invited to perform street magic for the guests at Billy Barty's birthday party.

In 1999 he was awarded the Bronze Halo Award by the Southern California Motion Picture Council for outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry.

David's passion for the youth of America has made him a sought after motivational speaker/entertainer at schools, churches, and youth events throughout California, always carrying with him the message to "follow your dreams."