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Multi-Award Winning Performer and Inventor (and member of our Panel of Magic Advisors), try one of these and you'll see why.
These are all killer items!

Daryl Lecture Notes
(New Millennium World Tour)

Beautifully produced lecture notes with a little 'something for everyone' inside. These are the notes, with full routines, for the tricks presented during Darylís highly acclaimed New Millennium World Tour lecture. He lectured in over 240 cities, in 25 different countries during 1999/2000 and now you get the chance to share in that magic!
Price: $20.00

The Enchanted Cube
by Daryl

A thoroughly mixed Rubik's cube type puzzle is tossed into the air where it visually solves itself! This looks GREAT! Instantly reset.

Price: $15.00

Dicey Dots
by Daryl
This is a simple effect with a very strong spectator reaction. An ordinary die is shown and the spectator holds it in a tight fist. The 'magical spot remover' is shown to be a simple piece of white plastic that is blank on both sides. All of a sudden, twenty-one spots visually appear on the spot remover. The die in the spectator's hand is now "unspotted" (the indentations for the spots remain, but the faces are blank). Everything can be examined.
Price: $12.00
Moola Makers
This eye-popping mystery allows you create genuine duplicates of virtually any small, flat printed object (banknotes, business cards, photographs, playing cards etc.). For example, you borrow a piece of currency (a dollar bill, a French franc note, Japanese yen... anything!) and place it into one of the four Moola Makers. Instantly, genuine duplicates are magically created! When you finish, there is no clue to the secret of the mystery and everything can be examined! This is easy to do and incredibly effective. Moola Makers will fit in your inside pocket and is ready to perform at any time. It automatically resets making it easy to satisfy the inevitable request... "Will you do it again for my friend?"
Price: $12.00
Cap In Bottle Complete
An ordinary glass bottle and a bottle cap are displayed. The bottle cap is smacked against the bottom of the bottle where it is instantly penetrates to the inside! Just as easily, the bottle cap is removed, displayed and then once again placed back inside the bottle. With the cap back inside the bottle, everything is handed out for examination. Not only can everything be examined, but the bottle with the cap inside can also be given to the spectator to take home. It is left in an impossible condition and the only way they can get the cap out is to break the bottle. Spectators often keep the bottle for years and talk to their friends about the magician who created the mystery. This is a real reputation maker. Price: $25.00
Knife through Napkin
The restaurant will love you for this one! An ordinary table knife is pushed through the middle of a customerís napkin. Everyone can actually see and hear the napkin tear as the knife works its way through! But as you are a magician... you magically restore the napkin - good as new! Price: $16.00

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