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Aldo Colombini Department
Italy's Top Magician, and recent U.S. Citizen(and member of our Panel of Magic Advisors). Aldo's incredible magic has won awards all over the world. These selected tricks from his collection are amazingly easy to do, and all of them are designed to fool and entertain. Carry one or more of these with you and you'll always be ready to baffle someone.
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by Aldo Colombini
This is the NEW AND IMPROVED version of my routine, marketed several years ago with the name of Ringing Around. This new one is a five-phase ring and rope routine with comedy bits of business! You show a length of rope and one ring. A knot magically appears on the rope. the ring is shown to penetrate the knot! Then the rope is doubled and the ring is seen to be free until the very last moment when it is again seen to penetrate the rope. A knot is tied on the rope and the ring magically appears inside the knot. Finally, the ring is tossed towards the rope and it is magically tied onto it! For a fantastic climax you remove the ring, leaving the rope knotted! The perfect walk-around trick. Comes with an instruction booklet, the rope and a great 5" plastic ring.

A wonderful new packet trick by Aldo Colombini uses just a few cards but packs a lot of magic! You show four Aces and a blank face card which is left on the table. One by one the Aces turn face down. Then one by one the Aces become totally blank leaving just four blank face cards with regular backs. Where are the Aces? The spectator turns over the face down card and all the pips of the Aces are seen assembled on that one card! Great finale! Easy to do, no Elmsley Counts or difficult moves. Complete with all the necessary cards and fully illustrated routine.

by Aldo Colombini
Two packets of Jumbo cards which have been cut in halves are mixed. A spectator FREELY selects a card from one packet and leaves it protruding from the same position in the pile. The top cards of both packets are now turned over one at a time showing all mis-matched halves until the selection is reached. A perfect match and itís the ONLY card which is in the same position as itís mate in the other packet. But wait!! Now the cards in both packets are turned over one by one again and incredibly, they are now ALL MATCHING!! Comes complete with cut cards. The trick automatically re-sets and is easy to carry.
by Aldo Colombini
A great and high impact routine (endorsed by Jon Racherbaumer in Linking Ring Magazine). Three predictions are given out to spectators to hold. Another spectator cuts and shuffles the cards as long as he wants creating a face up and face down situation. Your predictions are read one by one including how many red and black cards are in the face down section, leading to a surprising climax that will blow their heads off! A big hit during Aldoís close-up shows, this routine received standing ovations during lectures and at the famous Hollywood Magic Castle! Use any deck (even if not full!) Easy to do. The most powerful routine ever! In booklet form.

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