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STEVE DACRI Department

"He really does have the fastest hands in the world - believe me!"
- Regis Philbin

"I love this guy" -
Drew Carey

"My favorite magician." - Bob Hope

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Magic Secrets: The Magic Circle Lecture #1 Tour Book

Magic Secrets Book Cover
Limited Edition

60 pages, 32 photographs

"I can't say enough about Steve's lecture. It's full of useful material, carefully explained, and he's one of the most entertaining guys you will ever see. Don't miss his lecture." - Robert Escher MIMC, Past International President IBM

"Steve is a great teacher and a delightfully skilled performer" - Mark Wilson MIMC

"We were honored to have Steve present three lectures for The Magic Circle in London, he's a brilliant entertainer and flawless artist. Everyone came away with valuable knowledge..." - Michael Bailey MIMC, President, The Magic Circle

Magic Secrets from the Close-Up and Stage Act of
Steve Dacri, MIMC

Steve Dacri is considered to be one of the world's top sleight of hand entertainers, as well as a world class teacher. On May 14, 2001 Steve presented his lecture to the esteemed fellow members of The Magic Circle in London. It was an overwhelming success, and he has been invited back again April 29, 2002.

That lecture kicked off a 2-week tour that took Steve around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Rave reviews from every magic society indicate the degree of success this tour achieved.

This book was a huge hit. Not your typical "lecture notes", but rather a well-produced photo-filled book, complete with 12 tricks from his lecture, along with business advice, "Close Encounters with Greatness" section and tour schedule. Autographed upon request. FREE SHIPPING IN US & Canada.

Price: $15.

International Orders:
Price: $25.

The Magic Circle Lecture and Tour CD-ROM

"...as hard as I looked, I could never detect the vanish or load, he does it so expertly." - Elizabeth Warlock MIMC, The Linking Ring

This is the same material as the Tour and Lecture Book, except it is on a convenient CD-ROM that works on any computer. 31 photographs, all crisp, clear and most of them in full color, from Steve's collection. Photos include: Dai Vernon, Lance Burton, Bob Hope, Paul Daniels, Mark Wilson, David Berglas, Marvin Berglas, Milton Berle, etc. Free Shipping in US or Canada.
Price: $15.
International Orders (Outside US and Canada)

Price: $25.

Steve Dacri Lecture Tour VIDEO

by Jan & Steve Dacri
90 minutes, VHS
Go behind the scenes on the Steve Dacri Fish & Chips Lecture and UK Tour Video. See highlights from all the lectures, guest magicians, tour commentary from Jan and Steve and many unscripted moments, including a visit to The Magic Circle in London.

The complete lecture with additional material and follow-up interview with Steve taped at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Available in both NTSC and PAL formats. Free Shipping.
Price: $30.

PAL Format
PRICE: $50.
Signature Wild Cards by Steve Dacri & Frank Garcia
A grreat packet trick. The hit of Steve's first lecture at The Magic Circle in London, and all over Britain. A truly commerical effect with a few blank cards and your signature. One by one, the blank cards create a photocopy of your signature, and the fronts and backs of every card are plainly shown. Steve uses this one in Vegas, and also for trade shows, with the company name or logo appearing on the cards. Comes with the cards and a 4 page photo illustrated magic manual detailing the routine and performing ideas, plus one extra set of gimmicked cards. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. or Canada.
Price: $10.00

International (outside US & Canada)
Price includes shipping. $17.50

The Master Routines Book
This book is the companion to the video.
The Martians (sponge balls)Routine
The Ultimate Classic Force
Silk Interlude
Coins Across (no gimmicks)
Master Sponge Bunnies Routine
Double Card Stab

"The best Classic Force I have ever seen." - John Gordon MIMC, The Magic Circular

"...highly entertaining, very skillful, the lad is a pleasure to watch." - Billy McComb MIMC

"Steve's so good I want to hurt him." - Terry Seabrooke MIMC

"We all witnessed the classics of magic, flawlessly presented with charm and sensitivity, by a master of his art." - Rob Cox AIMC, The Magic Circular

"Great Classic Force, excellent teacher." - Jay Marshall, Dean of American Magicians.

"The explanation of his superb Classic Force was a highlight" - Michael Bailey MIMC, President, The Magic Circle

"Sponge rabbit sequence...brilliant...and the cleanest sponge ball vanish you are likely to see." - Abracadabra

Up until now, these were Steve's closely guarded secrets and pet routines. Includes performance tips, misdirection techniques and suggested patter. Autographed upon request.


The Master Routines CD-ROM

Same as above only on a convenient CD-ROM that works on ANY computer.


The Master Routines Video

Same as the book, except this 90 minute video captures all of the routines in performance in front of live audiences. Continues in the same style as Steve's first lecture video, Fish & Chips Lecture Tour Video, with segments shot during Steve's UK and Ireland Tour 2002, as well as during his first ever USA Lecture Tour 2002. Invaluable advice from one of the foremost teachers in the world of magic today.


Magic Secrets: The Magic Circle Lecture #1 Tour Book- standard
same as the limited edition version above Magic Secrets from the Close-Up and Stage Act of Steve Dacri, MIMC
The Standard version of the limited edition edition book shown above. Contains 30 pages, illustrated.

Price $10.00

Mini - Blendo

A delightful effect that is great for children or adults, on stage or close-up. Steve uses it at the tables and in his Vegas show. Four small silk hankys are brought forth, red, white, blue and green. One at a time, they are placed into your empty fist. Instantly, they are transformed into a larger silk, made up of the four smaller ones. The hands are empty and all can be examined if you really think that's necessary. Beautifully made, 100% Japanese silk.

Price: $10.

Steve Dacri 3D Sponge Bunny Set A

All hand carved and hand painted, soft sponge, gorgeous props. This is the set Steve uses for most walk around work. It consists of 5 small (momma) size bunnies and one matching large (grandma) bunny. With Steve's complete routine.

Price: $25.

Steve Dacri 3D Sponge Bunny Set B

Same as above, except the final load bunny is an extra large (grandpa) size matching bunny. With Steve's complete routine.

Price: $30.

Dacri 3D Bunny Set - momma

Set of 5 small size (momma) bunnies, with routine by Steve. These are the bunnies from the above two sets.

Price: $15.

Dacri 3D Bunny Set - poppa

Same as above, except 5 medium-sized (poppa) bunnies, just a bit larger than the momma. This is the set Steve uses in Vegas and other venues where the audience is larger.

Price: $20.

Dacri 3D Bunny Set - baby

A tiny version, with all the same detail and matching all the other sizes. Steve uses these for a Dr. Jaks effect, and often gives them away. Set of 5.

Price: $10.

Dacri 3D Bunny - Grandma - Large

For the final surprise load, this is called the "grandma", for a big finish. Matches all the others.

Price: $10.

Dacri 3D Bunny - Grandpa - Extra Large

The largest, called the "grandpa", is another perfect ending for the bunny routine. Easily palmed, and like the other sizes, hand crafted to match and completely washable.

Price: $12.

Ultimate Card Fountain

Hand crafted, custom prop, made of steel, nearly indestructible. As used by Billy McComb and Steve Dacri, along with others who demand quality and reliability in a prop.

Battery operated, powerful, silent motor and wheel, has a 10-second delay built into the device, or can be used with our wireless optional remote control device.

Created and Manufactured by Marcelo and Victor Contendo.

Price: $300.

Ultimate Jumbo Card Fountain

Same quality and workmanship as the above item, this the world's first jumbo card fountain, built with pride for the true professional or collector. Holds a deck of jumbo Bicycle Cards or similar. We actually offer a special set of jumbo cards that have been manufactured to work with this jumbo card fountain, although any jumbo deck of the proper size will work.

Price: $485.

Jumbo Cards - Specially made for the Jumbo Card Fountain

These cards, from a distance, look just like the jumbo Bicycle playing cards, but they are not. They are lighter, and coated, making them fly higher that a deck of Bicycles would. And they are much less expensive, so you won't feel bad when they get all bent and stepped on.

Price: ?

MEMORY MAGIC Book By Jan Dacri


Okay, I know...this is the Steve Dacri department, but Jan is my wife, and she loves it when I tell people about her book. She was invited to lecture for The Magic Circle in London, on March 11, 2002, and she completely floored them. I was so proud of her. This book was a complete sell-out. When you read it, you will understand why. Lots of valuable information, and steps to learning how to memorize a deck of cards, names and faces, key words, etc. Very easy to do, too. I promise! Get your copy now. If you hurry, I'll ask her to autograph it for you.

Price: $15.00

Magic Party Show
Mikey is having a birthday party. He invites his friends and Steve magically appears and performs a show for the guests. Show this at your next party and the kids will scream! A great show. Then, Steve teaches Mikey some magic tricks after the guests leave. (First released in 1991, this was a big seller at Blockbuster for many years) FREE SHIPPING! US format (VHS)only at this time.
Price: $20.
MAGIC SECRETS - The Original

Starring Steve Dacri. The first ever magic instruction video for the general public. Watch one of the world's top sleight of hand entertainers perform spellbinding magic at the Magic Castle, then go behind the scenes with Steve as he teaches the secrets to master these astounding tricks. With Steve's expert instruction, you will quickly learn to perform difficult-looking magic routines with limited practice.No props included.

VHS, Color 60 minutes.FREE shipping to US or Canada.

Price: $25.00
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