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by Tony Brook
Director of International Operations & A Founding Father Member of our
Panel of Magic Advisors

This is a site for magicians and for lovers of magic. Everyone knows what a magician is but not everyone knows what a lover of magic is. Well, there are people who love the theater who have never acted on stage; there are people who love opera, who can't sing a note. There are people who love music but can't play a cymbal! There are people who love ballet but have two left feet! A lover of magic is a person who loves to watch magic and maybe even learn how to perform a simple effect or two. In short, a lover of magic is someone who wants to be entertained by magic. Either watching magic or performing magic. We're building a fun, online community for sharing, watching, reading, buying, auctioning, selling, learning and communicating throughout the world.

Many of our esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors started out by watching a magician perform and were hooked. On this site you will find a host of things to do with magic. Reviews on magical products, a list of reputable magic dealers who stock these products and links to them. Stories and articles on well known magicians and not so well known magicians. Links to every valuable magic resource on the Web.


Talent buyers, meeting planners and producers will be looking to Magic Web Channel as a resource for hiring magical entertainers. We are building the ELM (Every Living Magician) database to connect the buyers of entertainment with the performers themselves.

Entertainers can be listed for free. For serious performers looking to market themselves for additional work, there are enhanced listings in our performance directory database that can be purchased for a small fee, allowing performers to position themselves effectively and showcase their specialties.


There will be short biographies on magicians in your area or country. There will be cross-references on what they do and their specialties. This section will help you decide whom to hire for your event. This can be a birthday party in your own home or a full scale magic theater show lasting two hours - and everything else in between. We can actually arrange the talent for the event (and every detail you might need assistance with) or we can point you to talent suppliers and agencies for your needs.


And for those lovers of magic that are not ready to sell the farm and go on the road as a professional full timer, this is the place for you! Here, you can learn a few simple tricks to show your friends, family or business associates. Then, once you begin to add to your skills, you just might want to meet others with similar interests. Perhaps you'd like to attend a magic club meeting in your area and become a member. There's no better way to learn magic, and you will meet some of the nicest people in the world.


There is a section on magical happenings around the globe. What magic conventions are taking place or will be taking place. We have contributions from some of the leading names in magic. There are places to go if you are serious about learning to become a magician. Our Internet Hall of Fame section will give you a brief background on the history of magic and the many great innovators and performers of previous generations, as well as information on today's stars.

Click on the organizations section and we will tell you about magical Organizations and Societies around the world. Here at Magic Web Channel, we believe everyone should join as many magic clubs as possible, in particular, the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the Society of American Magicians (SAM) and our own Internet Magic Federation (IMF). Besides enjoying all of the many benefits of membership, you will be helping to support and enhance the magic community.

Each month we will tell you about news and features you will find in some of the best magic magazines around the world. Many parts of the site are updated frequently so you can enjoy a new experience each time you log on. Well, you get the idea. Just point your mouse and click!


Will we be giving away magic secrets? No way! Absolutely not! That's like telling a five-year-old there is no Santa Claus. So what's the objective of this site? As stated earlier it is to share some of the enchantment. It is to encourage. It is to stimulate any lover of magic to explore the art further. It is to let you know how to hire a magician. It is to let you know how to get a magical product. It is to keep the love alive.

We take the magicians code of ethics very seriously, and we feel that there are many esoteric magic secrets and discussions (and products) that should never be seen by the general public. If you are a magician there will be a protected section for you, (hats and rabbits) which will open very soon. TOP


Some magical friends have said we shouldn't tell people how to contact suppliers of magical products. Our answer is quite simple. Today, anyone can walk into a magical store anywhere in the world and buy a magic product or even a boxed set of magic at Christmas. Or for that matter they can even order on-line. There are so many low-quality, unscrupulous people out there offering poorly-made, deceptively advertised items, there is a danger people will be discouraged and ripped off. This would cause the magic community to gain a bad reputation. Our goal is to educate magic enthusiasts and recommend the best resources for magic-related products and services.

As a general rule those who do buy magic tricks, props, books, and videos are lovers of magic and they want to learn how to amaze and enchant their friends and family. No professional magician feels threatened by that. It's a bit like saying that if you attend amateur dramatics classes you are threatening the acting skills of a Hollywood Oscar winner.

Take the very word 'Magic'. It is a noun, a verb and an adjective! Magic entertains and inspires us all. It brings a smile where there was previously a tear. It has even been used as therapy to help heal the sick. It baffles, it amazes, it cheers, it astonishes and above all, it touches the child like wonder in all of us in a world that is forgetting how to experience the thrill of enchantment. Anyone who has seen the look on a child's face as it opens a birthday or Christmas present will understand. Magic is fun! Magic is enchantment! Enjoy!

Tony Brook

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