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Vote for your favorites.The winners will be the nextt inductees into the Internet Magic Hall of Fame. Results will be posted in January 2011. If you already voted, feel free to vote again to be sure your choices get counted. You may vote as often as you like, but please, only once a day.
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For further information on the Internet Magic Hall of Fame, click here. To see how this ballot was created, and how these names ended up on the final ballot, check this out.
About the order of the names: The order of the names was determined as follows: All of the names were placed on the back of playing cards and dropped into a hat. Bev Bergeron pulled them out of the hat, while floating in the pool at the IBM Convention. This was the order that the cards appeared.


Internet Magic Hall of Fame - Deceased
Please vote for 10 only:

Howard Thurston
Ed Marlo
Ali Bongo
Fred Kaps
Milbourne Christopher
Harry Blackstone, Sr.
Harry Kellar
Karrell Fox
Walter B. Gibson
Richiardi Jr.
Max Malini
Robert Harbin
Harlan Tarbell
Alexander Hermann
Joseph Dunninger
Dai Vernon
Kuda Bux
Al Goshman
Richard Ross
Tony Slydini
David Devant
Harry Blackstone, Jr.
Horace Goldin
T. Nelson Downs
Chung Ling Soo
Doug Henning
John Maskelyne
Al Flosso
Harry Willard
Theodore Annemann
Don Alan
Frank Garcia
P.T. Selbit
Nate Leipzig
Karl Germain
Francis Carlyle

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Internet Magic Hall of Fame - Living
Please vote for 10 only

John Booth
Criss Angel
Norm Neilsen
Siegfried and Roy
John Calvert
Juan Tamarez
Paul Daniels
Marvin and Carol Roy
Mark Wilson
Nick Lewin

Max Maven
Jim Steinmeyer
Lance Burton
Le Grand David

Eugene Burger
Steve Dacri
Jeff McBride
David Copperfield
Ricky Jay
Walter Zaney Blaney
Harry Lorayne
Johnny Thompson
Charles Reynolds
Ron Wilson

Current Results
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