Each year, we will induct magicians into the Internet Magic Hall of Fame. These magicians will be honored in a permanent, interactive exhibit honoring the achievements of magicians from the past and present. Special features will allow visitors to search the database, view biographical material, photos and in some cases, watch video clips of the inductees.

The first inductees consisted of 11 living and 12 deceased individuals. We prepared a list of magicians for consideration as nominees for the first round of inductions into the Internet Magic Hall of Fame. This list was compiled from the submissions of members of our esteemed Panel of Magic Advisors, along with suggestions from many prominent members of the magic community. This list was sent to all members of our Panel of Magic Advisors who narrowed it down to a final list of possible nominees for induction.

That list of magicians was posted at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in San Diego, California and attendees were able to cast their votes. The winners, determined by the votes compiled at that convention, is now posted here, and the world is now invited to submit selections for the next class of inductees. The new inductees will once again be chosen by the Panel of Magic Advisors who will review the input we receive from this web site. The next inductees will be announced in January 2011. Cast your vote now!

Inductees - Deceased
Harry Houdini Harry Blackstone, SR. Howard Thurston
Harry Blackstone, JR. Joseph Dunninger Richard Cardini
Richard Ross Dai Vernon Nate Leipzig
Harry Kellar Max Malini Tony Slydini
Billy McComb Jay Marshall - not living Carl Ballantine
Johnny Carson - NEW    
Inductees - Living
Lance Burton  
David Copperfield Siegfried & Roy Paul Daniels -coming
Bev Bergeron Mark Wilson  
  Walter Zaney Blaney -coming  
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