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 Why A Restricted Area?

The magic community consists of like-minded individuals who abide by the Magicians' Code of Ethics. The secrets of the magic world, the details and workings of the effects, routines and props are considered a very important part of this code of ethics. Revealing the secrets for all to see is considered bad behavior, and is forbidden among the magic community. Here at magicwebchannel, magicwebguide and hatsandrabbits, we will never reveal or cause to be available, the so-called secrets of our trade, to anyone outside of the community of serious magicians and enthusiasts. For this reason, we have dedicated this section to the discussion, and teaching of magic for the serious student and performer only. The general public is not invited.

The purpose of this website is to preserve and protect the secrets of magic. Most of the website is available to anyone with a computer. This section is not. Access is by password only.

If you have the password, please do not divulge it to anyone who is not a serious student of the art of magic.

Thank you.

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