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November 4 - 12, 2004
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Now playing at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino

(November 4, 2004) LAS VEGAS - Winter is settling in here in Vegas, which means mild, breezy days and somewhat chilly evenings. Nothing compared to the snow and freezing winds of New England, so I won't rub it in for those of you who must suffer through the winter season elsewhere. We like this time of year, actually, as those 100-degree temperatures are gone for a few months.


In my personal quest to make close-up magic a permanent part of the Las Vegas magic scene, Xtreme CLOSE-UP Magic now has a new home. It has been a wonderful week, my first, performing on the Strip again, this time in the Imperial Palace, just next door to Harrah's and the Flamingo on either side. We will have a review of the show next week, but for now, Jan suggested I tell you all about this new venue.

We are in the Kabuki Lounge, normally a spot that showcases music. This is the first time that the hotel has tried anything other than magic (they did have a hypnotist once, but it did not go over that well). Judging by how the first week has gone, this could turn into a long term engagement. We shall see. For now, we have a two week contract.

The General Manager of the hotel first saw me perform at Caesars Magical Empire a couple of years ago. He watched as we first presented Xtreme CLOSE-UP Magic at the Orleans for six months, then at O'Shea's right next door to the Imperial Palace, and called my agent, wondering if we would be interested in presenting the close-up magic show in the Kabuki Lounge. The room is really perfect for close-up magic, as the audience is seated close, in a semi-circle, around the dance flooor in front of the stage. he room holds about 65 people, and they are all seated at high-top tables, making the line of sight perfect for them to witness magic on a table top.


With great sound and lighting, as well as the perfect location right off the main Las Vegas Strip entrance, the foot traffic adds to the success of the show. The best element is the back wall of the stage, which is a giant video wall. On it, we project views from the roving "bunny cam" which captures the action, as well as audience members throughout the show.

Our show begins on the stage, where we start with a few openers, then it goes down to the front tables, where magic is presented at one or two tables, with the bunny cam projecting the routines on the video wall. Then, it's on to the dance floor, where a table is set. Here, an audience member is invited to join me, and I present my signature pieces, with cards, coins, dice, and of course, the Martians (sponge balls). The table is much lower than all of the high top tables where the audience sits, allowing for idea viewing conditions.

After this segment, it's back up onto the stage with another audience member for a "teach a trick" routine, followed by the "big finish" involving a card stab and card fountain climax. The show runs about 50 minutes, sometimes a little longer. It is presented twice a night, at 9 pm and 11 pm, with Sunday off. We have had packed houses at each performance. As a amtter of fact, the Kabuki has a large glass wall that allows people to stand and look down into the place during the show, and we have had a crowd of people, three deep, during most of the shows! There is a curtain that can be pulled over the gloass wall to prevent people from seeing in, but I have suggested that we keep the curtain just adds to the fun and excitement, I believe.

So, that's the deal here.A wonderful room to work in, lucrative salary, and each night, fantastic crowds to entertain. I am enjoying this contract a great deal...stop by and see Las Vegas' only close-up magic show and say hi....



FInally, the presidential elections have ended, George Bush has been re-elected for another four years, and we can stop watching all those ridiculous campaign ads and seeing the clutter of signs, posters and billboards everywhere you look. The people have spoken, Senator John Kerry put up a gallant fight, but in the end, the incumbant president was too hard to unseat in this time of war and heightened terrorism alerts.


Many of you have contacted us recently to inquire about the fate of the Magic Castle. As you may know, a group called "Casle Partners" was attempting to take over the place, throw Milt Larsen out (or at least wrestle control of the place away from him for a fee) and make changes which were announced to "make the place better". It was announced a couple of months ago that this ouside group decided to drop their plans, and Milt has made a new agreement with the Glover family, which owns the land and building. Bottom line, all is well, the Castle will continue to operate as it always has, with Milt leading the Board and members into the future. We are all greatly relieved that all the posturing and back stabbing that had been going on, has finally ended. When in Hollywood, California, be sure to visit the greatest private magic club onb the planet.

Until next time...

See you next week...keep those cards and emails coming, we enjoy hearing from y'all!

Magically yours,



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