MagicWebChannel - IBM San Diego July 3-6,2002
All photos © copyright 2002 by George Marks

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Look who came to the Ballantine lecture!

The Three Tenors: Milt Larsen, Steve Dacri and Bob Bush

Abb Dickson, Past IBM Prez and current prez of WAM (not the club in England, the other one) and Steve Dacri

Steve Dacri and Gay Blackstone clown around with Carl Ballantine
Ballantine & Dacri Lecture, two guys talking and smoking Cubans!
In the green room: California Congresswoman Susan Davis enjoys the flirtations of Carl Ballantine at Fox-TV studios just before going on the air.
Old Friends: Steve greets former Boston Convention producer Ed Rosenthal
Fantasic Magic's owner Gary Frank never stopped demonstrating
TV personality and IBM San Diego Ring secretary Jack White shoots a dummy

Three men and a babe: Jan is the babe and the three men are Donald, Steve and Milt
Jan shoots the stars before their historic lecture

Irene Larson just spent a small fortune on this original playbill