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Allakazam Video Volume #1
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See the first four history-making shows of the series that opened the door and set the standard for magic on television. As Stan Allen said in Magic Magazine, "Mark Wilson brought magic into the homes of the masses on a weekly basis."

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The Magic Land of Allakazam:
                   "The Inside Story"

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Mark Wilson's personal account of what it took to get the first all-magic network television show on the air and keep it there for five years.  All the dreams, planning, hard work, failures and eventual great success are recounted by Mark himself in this unique booklet. 

Mark Wilson Magic Club Membership Card

When the popular Magic Land Of Allakazam aired, youngsters all over America carried these colorful membership cards in their pockets.  Now, you can get your own original, authentic Mark Wilson Magic Club Card, prominently displayed on your Allakazam Certificate.

Special Bonus!
Personalized Magic Land of Allakazam Certificate

Elegantly printed on authentic, full-color Magic Land Of Allakazam letterhead, this beautiful certificate will be personalized with your name and signed by Mark and Nani. Please tell us the name you want on the certificate.  Eminently suitable for framing.

Allakazam Collector's Package
Includes Allakazam Video Volume #1, "The Inside Story," Mark Wilson Magic Club Card and Personalized Certificate.  All for only $49.95! BUY IT!
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