Mark Wilson Video Course in Magic

was created by professionals; it's not a toy "magic kit."  Each of the eight video volumes teaches 25 amazing magic tricks you can do.  Each volume also includes three bonus tricks complete with props.

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                   Volume 1                                              Volume 2                                               Volume 3                                             Volume 4

                  Volume 5                                             Volume 6                                                   Volume 7                                             Volume 8

Why video instruction?
The easiest and fastest way to learn magic is from video instruction. An average magic effect can be learned from video in only 10% to 20% of the time it takes to learn the same trick from the printed page.

Is magic difficult to learn?
Mark Wilson's step-by-step video instruction makes learning easy. On the videos, Mark first demonstrates the effect of each trick; this is what the audience sees, the "magic." Then Mark clearly explains the secret, so you can learn and perform each of these incredible tricks yourself. You can watch and learn on your own schedule and repeat any part of the video over again until you totally understand it.

Will I have to buy expensive magic props?
Absolutely not. All of the magic can be performed with the props supplied, things you already have around the house, or items that can be purchased inexpensively in neighborhood stores.

Will I learn really good magic?
You'll learn some of the world's best magic taught by one of the world's top magicians. Everything from miracles with things you will find on any dinner table, to incredible card tricks, to inexpensively-made stage illusions. Click on any volume above to find out more about it.

Is the course a good value?
Yes. An exceptional value. In the eight volumes, you'll learn 200 powerful tricks all taught on video.  And, you'll receive professional magic props so you can start right away. Purchased separately, the secrets and magic equipment would sell for many times the cost of the course.

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