You'll learn 200 of the best tricks in magic...

all personally selected from thousands of possibilities by master magician Mark Wilson.

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Why will Mark Wilson teach me
these great secrets?

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Baffling Close Up Miracles
Magic you can carry in your pocket or purse and do anywhere!

Impromptu Magic
Have nothing with you? You can still perform amazing magic with borrowed objects like coins, straws, bills, etc!

Incredible Card Tricks
You'll learn astounding magic with ordinary cards, even with a borrowed deck! Trick decks and special cards are also supplied.

Sensational Stand Up Magic
Present these stunners at any party, large or small.  Great for all ages: children, teens, adults or seniors!

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Make at Home Magic Props
Make magic props easily from things you already have around the house or can purchase inexpensively at neighborhood stores!

Marvelous Mental Miracles
You can apparently read minds and make infallible predictions of future events!

Parlor and Cabaret Magic
Learn magic with silk handkerchiefs, rabbits, doves and other items which you can routine into a professional act!

Why will Mark Wilson teach me
these great secrets?

Stage Illusions
You even learn secrets to grand stage illusions, which can be inexpensively constructed and presented in the largest theaters!

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