Why will Mark Wilson teach
me these great secrets?

     I created the first complete magic course ever presented entirely on video because I believe that learning and performing really good magic can make your entire life better, just as it did mine. Now, that's a big statement. Let me explain ...

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Why will Mark Wilson teach me
these great secrets?

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     As a youngster in school, I was shy...smaller than other boys my age...not particularly good at any sport. Nobody hated me, but nobody seemed to like me very much either. Then I saw a magic show. I was fascinated. I got books from the library. I studied everything I could find. Soon, I could do some simple tricks.

     I did some magic for a few kids at a class party...everybody gathered around...they liked my magic. More importantly they liked me!  The girls, as well as the guys, seemed to like me more. I never expected this. The "magic" was working for me!

     Then I figured out why it worked for me, and why it will work for you, too. When you show someone a really good magic trick, their first reaction is one of surprise and wonder ... "How did you do that?" ... followed by admiration and respect for you, the magician. "That was really good. Can you do something else?"

     As I learned more, I began to be recognized as a magician.
I began to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, my confidence and feeling of self worth increased. I began to overcome my shyness.  I was better able to deal with people. With my increased confidence, I became more successful in everything I did.

     That's what magic did for me and it will do the same for you.

     Just think about it. When your friends know you can entertain with magic, who do you suppose they're going to invite to their next party?  You, of course. Because, you can turn any get-together, from a beach party to a banquet, from dull to fun with your wonderful magic.

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     It really does happen. I've seen it hundreds of times. You will become more popular, your confidence will grow, your feeling of self-worth will increase. The magic will work for you. And, I can teach you how to do the magic. I guarantee it.     

There's an important point I must make. As a professional magician, I have promised to never reveal the inner secrets of magic except to those who are sincerely interested in learning our art. Before I can open the door to these great mysteries for you, you must give me your word that, to the best of your ability, you will never reveal the secrets you learn in my course.

     This is not a legal agreement. It's a matter of honor and respect for the magicians who have gone before. Maintaining these secrets is how we preserve the wonder, mystery and entertainment of the art of magic of which you will become a part. Now, you can take the first steps on the wonderful road to magic. I'll be happy to show you the way.

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