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You Want it When?

Often our clients come to us at the last minute with an event, or a party that is hastily arranged. We love those challenges. Although we prefer to have as much lead time as possible (most corporate events are planned well in advance, at least 6 months out). Many of our company parties are booked over one year in advance. But even when those last minute, usually frantic calls come in, we jump into overdrive and get the job done. We just end up sleeping less.

State Your Objectives

Tell us what you want to accomplish. Give us your wish list. We'll do the rest. Want to entertain your troops, or reward your sales team? We've got just the solution. Lots of solutions to choose from. From a DJ or 3-piece cocktail band, to a multi-media production with celebrities, we know how to make an impression. Need to get a point across? We've got that covered, too. Over the years we've provided "info-tainment" for a number of long-time clients such as Speidel, Philips Computers and the Optical Dealers of America. For product launches, our skills and resources are unmatched. We helped Chevrolet introduce their new models to the dealers one year, and launched a new product line for Nestle. We also helped a toy store chain open a new store. There's just no limit to our creativity. Or our nerve. (We once hijacked an entire 150-person sales force, blindfolded them and flew them to Bermuda for a product launch party. They are still talking about that one.)

Whatever your needs, give me a call. We'll make you look good. I promise.

Take advantage of our years of knowledge, contacts and resources. My personal line is 702-253-9392.

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