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February 9 - 16, 2004
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Xtreme Close-Up Magic
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Magicians from Texas visit our Las Vegas show
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(Feb 9, 2004) - LA VEGAS - This wild bunch came all the way from Austin, Texas to see "Xtreme Close-up Magic" at the Orleans hotel a couple of weeks ago. All were special guests of our dear friend, Doc Seaton, in town for a magic convention. I am happy to report they laughed and applauded loudly on cue, which pleases me to no end. They are all members and some of them are officers of the Society of American Magicians Assembly 206 in Austin.

Pictured here in the Magic Parlor following the show, they are, from left, the amazing Ramon Galindo and his lovely wife. Ramon is the very successful 82 year old Latino magician. He has received many awards and performed for 60 Years! He is a past president of all the Austin Magic Clubs & has held national office. I remember reading alll about him when I first began studying magic seriously; Chris Walden, who works for IBM but has been very active in magic for 20 years. He is secretary and newsletter publisher for the club. Next is a guy who looks a lot like me. Then it's Doc Seaton, who is the vice-president of SAM Assembly 206. My wife, bunnycam Jan is standing next to Ron Cartlidge, the president of SAM Assembly 206. In cool leather suspenders, its Bob Carroll, a member of SAM Assembly 206, a retired military man who is a policeman in Austin. Finally, it's Dick Todd, retired from Shell Oil Co., an avid magic collector, club member, and also a fellow member of The Magic Circle in London.

I had the pleasure of meeting most of these wonderful people during my lecture tour last year. I never say that I have favorite stops along the way of a tour, but truth be told, one of our favorite stops was Austin. The group was so appreciative, friendly and eager to learn. And of course, the accommodations were outstanding - the finest hotel in Texas, I am convinced. Called La Casa de Seaton, the home of Stan (that's "Doc" to his friends) and Millie Seaton, who insisted we stay in their lovely home. It is also the location where we held the Insider's Workshop for 25 enthusiastic members of their club. It was a wild night. I remember sitting outside the next day, overlooking the marvelous green hills and trees, smoking a pre-Castro Cuban cigar and becoming one with nature and a deck of cards. Ron Cartlidge, the president (pictured above), was there one night and we talked a lot about Houdini, and he showed me the book he wrote on Houdini's Texas Tours. Fascinating stuff. I wonder if my pal Sidney Radner has seen it.

It is so nice to have our magic friends pop in to see our show. We thank you all for visiting over the past six months, and look forward to seeing many more of you in the future.



It seems my college, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has decided on a special night of enterainment during my class reunion (30th) this I am honored to be the only person who will be paid to attend the event! It happens on June 11th in Worcester, Massachusetts. I will perform in Alden Hall, on campus...lots of memories will no doubt begin flooding back to me when I visit the campus after all these years. I look forward to seeing many of my OLD classmates from the SEVENTIES...oh, my...


We plan to take a few weeks off from shows in Vegas in May and June in order to attend that event and a few stops along the way. We will do a limited number of special lectures and Insider Workshops along the way, and there is talk of a public show in Worcester or Boston during that time. I will keep you posted. (If your club or organization is interested, contact us soon, as well only have a small window available for lectures).

Thanks to all who have written to us about our new AbracaDacri page look...we are slowly revising and enhancing many of the pages and columns, and we are always looking for suggestions for improving the site. For those of your who haven't noticed anything different...never mind.

We saw OVATIONS here last night. It is a show that consists entirely of specialty acts, jugglers, balancing, magic, and so on. My long-ago pal Mark Kornhauser emceed the show, he's better than ever, we particularly loved the zip code thing, the one magic act, Jason Byrne, is a show stopper with clean sleights, birds, and fabulous stage presence, and the show closes with Anthony Gatto, the world's greatest many jugglers do you know that can actually close a show? I know of one other. All in all, a fun show, in a small (less than 200 seats) showroom at the Aladdin...

Enjoy the week.

Magically yours,


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