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March 5 - 12, 2004
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(March 4, 2004) LAS VEGAS - I remember the very first World Magic Seminar for a lot of reasons. Your faith in me, our friendship, the first lecture, stuffing envelopes the night before, etc. But what I most remember was the fact that you put me in a hotel room which I had to share with someone else. Initially, I was not pleased to have this non-private accommodations, but I shrugged this detail off and checked into the room. My roomie was Davey Marlin-Jones. We both had heard of each other, and instantly we bonded and enjoyed the friendship and the laughs together. We talked about the theater, about directing, about plays, movies and comedy. And even a bit about magic. It was a fun time, and we occasionally spoke over the years since that weekend, and I had a great amount of respect and admiration for him.

Sad to discover his passing. On his business card it said, "A gentleman of the theater." He was that and so much more.

David Marlin Jones was born in Winchester, Ind.He became interested in theater after seeing a magic show at age 8, and by 13 was touring professionally as a magician. He once shared the same bill with the ventriloquist act of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

He was a graduate of Antioch College in Ohio and acted with a nearby Shakespearean repertory company. He preferred directing to acting, saying he prefered to tell others what to do. Through the years he was artistic director of the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Washington Theatre Club, as well as the managing director of Equity Library Theater in New York, and a guest director at the Kennedy Center and the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Public Theater. He won numerous awards, and came here to Vegas in 1989, first as a temporary professor at UNLV, but stayed until last year. In the magic world, he was known as a great thinker and eccentric, wildly humourous performer when he could be coaxed out onto the stage.

The world has lost a true gentleman, and a remarkable mind. I know that I am a better person because of my acquaintance with him, as I know many, many others on this planet who were touched by him. So long, Davey.



Roy is actually sitting up, speaking a bit, and walking a few steps as he continues to progress since his October 3rd tiger attack. Doctors are encouraged by his will-power and determination, and although he has a long way to go, he is showing signs of encouragement, even allowing guests to stop by. Ann Margaret and her husband Roger SMith, in town for an engagement at the Orleans, visited with Roy and Siegfried last week, and reported that Roy was in good spirits and he fully intends to be walking soon. Doctors cautioned that it will be a long time before he will be up and about, if ever, stressing that the severity of his injuries and the subsquent strokes make it impossible to determine just how far he will be able to come back.


Last week, I guested once again on Les Kincaid's Lifestyles Las Vegas syndicated program, with fine gournet food and laughs (and a cigar from Jonathan Scott). This weekend, I return to my semi-regular spot on the world famous CIGAR RADIO program, hosted by the one and only Magic Matt Alan, orginating from the Lighten Up Lounge up in the hills of Encino California, along with the Demons of Decadence who join in the festivities of smoking fine cigars, drinking martinis and interupting each other. Not the lush setting of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino that Les Kincaid's show provides, but nonetheless, a setting that befits the Demons well. It's really the only reason for me to trek across the desert whenever I can get away...and when it's over, the cards come out and it gets wild and crazy...until Sunday when I stumble out the door, find my keys and head back to Vegas to recover...

Magically yours,


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