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May 31 - June 6, 2004
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Magic Matt Alan, host of CIGAR RADIO and Steve during a recent show,
which is heard by 24 million people every week.

(May 31, 2004) LAS VEGAS - Just back from Encino, California, and the Lighten Up Lounge, scene of the weekly radio (and soon to be TV) show, CIGAR RADIO, which I am proud to be a regular guest on. A wild romp, this show has a motto, "We drink, we smoke, we interupt." And it's all true. You can never be prepared for what may happen on the program, which is beamed via cable, radio and computer terminals all over the planet, to an audience of 24 million. Check out the website, for updates, photos, news and to actually hear the show live every Saturday from 3 pm to 6 pm (Pacific Coast Time) for a bit of fun and a lot of laughs.

When I do the show, since moving here to Vegas, it involves me taking the long, peaceful drive across the Mohave desert, then I arrive at the home of Magic Matt, where luxurious penthouse accommodations await me. We usually spend the night before visiting some of the better steak joints, the Havana Club in Beverly Hills, and other spur of the moment choices, discussing everything except the show. Then Saturday rolls around, and the guests begin arriving aroundf 2pm, and the microphones go LIVE at 3 pm.

Among the recent guests, Sean Young, movie star babe from such films as Blade Runner, No Way Out, and such high-profile relationship-missteps with James Woods and others...she was on this weekend. Others that can be counted on to visit: Ilya Baskin from Moscow on the Hudson, Spiderman 2, and countless others, Bruce Gary the drummer from The Knack, Richard Tyson from Black Hawk Down and Kindergarten Cop, and Ryan Styles from Drew Carey Show and Who's Line is It Anyway. Also on hand is Don Woldman, divorce attorney to the stars, Bruce the Male Model, Debra Pearl the Chic Singer, no-talent brother Marty, and assorted other characters, like Shelly Berman, Louis Nye and many other celebs and cigar lovers.

Needless to say, it is the highlight of my weekend when I make the trip. Soon, there will be live call ins and a segment from Vegas, but first we have to figure out how to run the equipment with Rex Dale, faithfull producer and guy in the booth.


Many of you asked to see photos from our trip to the Utah mountains, so check these out: a few pics from Zion National Park and our hiking expedition.



It's a busy time here in Vegas, lots of tourists and the start of the summer season. Madonna is in town (yawn) as well as Prince, and three different Beatles tribute bands (Rain, The Fab 4, and some other one I can't think of right now). Each one has at least one guy who looks like the original, but mostly they are just four guys in dark suits and Beatle haircuts. Don't get me wrong, I've seen each of them, and they are all GREAT! If you close your eyes, you would think you were listening to the Beatles. These guys are amazing. Talk about magic! We plan to catch one of these acts this weekend.

And speaking of John, Paul, George and Ringo, it has been confirmed that the Mirage Hotel will fill the S&R Theatre with a Beatles-inspired show called "Yellow Submarine" which will be a combination of music and Cirque du Beatlesque antics filled with music from the original mop tops from Liverpool. We will have more info soon about this show that I first mentioned in November right here on this page.


The guy downtown, Dirk Arthur, the one with the act that borrows heavily from (okay, in some cases, STEALS) Siegfried & Roy's act, is finally closing next month, and no tears will be shed. Jeff Hobson's fantastic show at Excaliber is also closing next month, and may re-open in the fall, and Xtreme Close-up Magic, my show, closed last week, with a plan to open in a new location soon. Next week I'll filll you in on the gory details of this one. Meanwhile, I am enjoying a bit of a vacation after 8 months of weekly shows, first at The Orleans, and then on the strip at O'Shea's.

Have a happy weekend and coming week!

Magically yours,



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