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Fellow Orleans headliners, Frankie Avalon and Steve Dacri joke around backstage. A long time ago, Steve opened for Frankie Avalon in Bermuda at the Southhampton Pricess. Sitting on the beach with Frankie was one of the more surreal things in the world, according to Steve. "It felt like I was in a beach blanket movie. Everyone kept stopping by and asking Frankie where Annette was!"

Vegas Celeb Photos

Carl Ballantine

Frankie Avalon
Robin Leach
Lance Burton
Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas and baby Tiger
Charles Brook
Bev Bergeron
Billy McComb
Scott Hitchcock

Frankie Avalon

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"Steve really does have the fastest hands in the world, believe me." - Regis Philbin

Steve Dacri, "The Fastest Hands in the World".


Las Vegas ONLY
Close-up Magic Show

Now in it's 10th smash month in Vegas, moved to the Imperial Palace, in the Imperial Palace Casino...
The perfect show for your group while visiting Vegas...


Xtreme Close-up Magic in the Imperial Palace on the Las Vegas Strip
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