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"The healthiest juice in the world!" - Dr. Templeman


Now Available: XanGo 3SIXTY5

In addition to drinking Mangosteen in its delicious juice form, you can also get the amazing benefits by taking it as a daily vitamin supplement.

Introducing XanGo 3SIXTY5 - a brilliant departure from the isolated nutrition strands of the past and a return to the natural, whole-food approach to health.

The Whole Benefits

Harnessing the power of the antioxidant-packed mangosteen and a whole-food blend from 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, 3SIXTY5 welcomes you to the great future of whole-food nutrition.

XanGo 3SIXTY5 Benefits:

  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports immune health*
  • Supports cognitive health*
  • Supports skin health*
  • Supports prostate health* (for men)
  • Supports bone & joint health*
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support*
  • Provides cellular protection*
  • Supports healthy energy levels*
  • Supports healthy stress management*
  • Supports overall health*


The Whole Fruit

With so many toxins in our foods and a constant bombardment by free radicals in the form of pollution, it seems silly to add more unnatural products to our diets, especially in the form of synthetic vitamins and minerals. Yet that's exactly what millions and millions of people do every single day despite the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that suggests that you cannot separate the nutrient from the source and still derive the benefit. One only needs to look at recent research suggesting that in broad studies isolated vitamin and/or mineral supplements are no more effective than not taking them at all, or, worse yet, do more harm than good.

Only whole food formulations contain all of the intrinsic factors that work together synergistically to deliver maximum nutritional benefit to the human body. Conscious consumers worldwide demand that their nutrition comes only from whole food sources which is why XanGo, LLC decided to create its formulation using only the whole fruit goodness of the entire mangosteen fruit.

“We believe that the evidence suggests that antioxidants are best acquired through whole-food consumption, not as a pill or an extract.”

- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The Discovery

With a lifelong interest in botanicals due to a family that emphasized natural health, XanGo, LLC Founder Joe Morton was always on the lookout for natural plants, fruits and herbs waiting to be discovered. Years ago, while running operations for a dietary supplement company in South East Asia, Joe’s mangosteen discovery found him!

In a quaint café after a light meal, Joe was offered a taste of mangosteen for dessert. About the size of a peach with a dark purple rind and a white fleshy pulp, it was the most beautiful fruit Joe had ever seen. He later discovered that the mangosteen fruit only ripens twice per year and is highly valued in that part of the world.

He knew he had stumbled upon something great. The taste was remarkable with a sensation both sweet and slightly tart. He couldn’t believe the flavor. After traveling the world, Joe had experienced hundreds of botanicals including flavors and tastes that were both unusual and even disagreeable. Mangosteen was different. The first time he tasted it, he fell in love.

The story of XanGo begins with a chance encounter and a new category of product delivering commercially available mangosteen juice to consumers worldwide.

Visit our XanGo website and watch Joe's story.

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XanGo 3SIXTY5™

XanGo 3SIXTY5 is intelligent whole food nutrition. Within each serving, mangosteen and phytonutrients merge en masse with essential vitamins, minerals and specialty nutrients to fully complement your daily dose of XanGo® Juice.

XanGo 3SIXTY5 features:

  • Whole food nutrition from mangosteen rind with 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, providing thousands of phytonutrients for synergistic health benefits
  • Highly absorbable whole food nutrients chelated (wrapped in amino acids) for optimal bioavailability
  • Superior blend of specialty nutrients to support cardiovascular health, bone health and men’s prostate health
  • Intelligent formulation with the proper amount of nutrients
  • Simple, convenient packaging provides a 30-day supply with AM/PM packets

Each serving of 3SIXTY5 contains four layers of health protection:

  • 3SIXTY5 Daily Essentials – a complete blend of essential vitamins and minerals at optimum levels in bioavailable forms for full absorption.
  • 3SIXTY5 Whole Food Blend – a synergistic blend of antioxidant-packed mangosteen peel concentrate plus 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, enabling each phytonutrient to build off the good of the other elements.
  • 3SIXTY5 Heart Nutrition – a special blend of CoQ10, marine omega concentrate, olive oil, borage oil, organic flaxseed oil and vitamin E.

For 3SIXTY5 for Men

  • 3SIXTY5 Men’s Nutrition – a blend of natural ingredients, including saw palmetto berry extract and pumpkin seed oil, designed specifically for men’s prostate health and energy.

For 3SIXTY5 for Women

  • 3SIXTY5 Bone Nutrition – a combination of highly absorbable, chelated calcium and magnesium enhanced with flavonoids, vitamin D, boron and other absorption-optimizing nutrients.

For a well-strengthened diet, take 3SIXTY5 AM and PM as directed with 8 oz of water and 1-3 oz of XanGo® Juice



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