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Xanthones and other Anti-Oxidants from the Mangosteen

Many people ask us why (and how) the mangosteen seems to benefit so many people over such a broad spectrum of health conditions. Some of what we are sharing may sound a bit scientific but when it comes to your health, you deserve to know!


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Antioxidants counter and eliminate free radicals.

Science has proven that free radicals attack our bodies at the cellular level. Free radical cell damage has been linked to many degenerative conditions. It has been estimated that each of our trillions of cells are attacked by as many as 10,000 free radicals every day!

There has been extensive scientific research done on the antioxidants found in vitamins -- especially Vitamins C & E. You will see, as you read below, that the mangosteen xanthones are even more powerful.


What is a Xanthone?

The phytoceuticals (plant chemicals) of the mangosteen have been widely studied, but none as much as the class of highly active substances called xanthones.

Science has discovered these xanthones to be a much more powerful antioxidant than those found in vitamins. Xanthones are also known as "adaptagens" for their unique ability to modulate and assist the body in many areas.

Science has identified approximately 200 different naturally occurring xanthones. The mangosteen fruit ALONE has over 40!  In addition, mangosteen has some of the most potent xanthones studied to date. No other fruit even comes close!

A number of herbs and plants contain some xanthones, but none as robust in quantity and vibrancy as the mangosteen. St. John's Wort and Garcinia Cambogia contain 1 and 2 xanthones, respectively.

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How Will Xanthones Benefit Me?


The majority of the xanthones found in the mangosteen are located in the rind or pericarp (outer shell) of the fruit.

Milled into a puree, and transformed into a liquid supplement, it's the only product on the market that uses the whole fruit of the mangosteencreating a xanthone-rich, delicious beverage -- XanGo�!

2. Peres V, Nagem T, Faustino de Oliveira F. 2000. Tetraoxygenated naturally occurring xanthones. Phytochemistry. 55:683-710

Free Radical Damage and Antioxidants

Let's take a minute to learn from Dr. J. Frederic Templeman about free radical damage:

There's something called the oxygen paradox, meaning oxygen is absolutely necessary for us to be alive, but extremely dangerous because it produces unstable particles called free radicals - damaging the body in every way you can imagine...

The most popular theory for the aging process is that it is a result of free radical cell damage.

Pollutants are full of free radicals. Unfortunately, we live in an environment where air, water, and food is so polluted, you can't avoid free radicals.

An antioxidant, however, is the counterpart of a free radical. The human body has a homemade source of antioxidants... and we have antioxidants that come from our diet, but if you take one of the more common antioxidant substances, Vitamin E, you would have to eat 100 pounds of boiled liver every day to get the minimal amount that you need...


Now that we know the importance of taking antioxidants, the next question would be, "how do we get them?"

...After studying the antioxidant properties of the mangosteen, researchers in Vietnam discovered that the rind exhibited "potent, free radical scavenging activity."

3. Toshikawa M, Harada E, Miki A, Tsukamoto K, Liang S, Yamahara N, Murakami N. 1994. Antioxidant constituents from the fruit hulls of Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana L.) originating in Vietnam. Yakugaku Zasshi. 114:129-133

XanGo�is highly recommended because it is the only functional beverage containing the entire mangosteen fruit.


From the seed to the rind, every bit of the mangosteen is in XanGo�, giving you all the goodness that research has discovered, in a great tasting (some call it exquisite) fruit juice.

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Mangosteen is truly destined to be the all-time favorite supplement ever brought to market. In the next email, we'll disclose one of mangosteen's most powerful properties.

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