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The History...

Dawn breaks over the jungle of Southeast Asia and begins to burn away the nighttime mists. Although it is early, the street side produce markets in villages and towns throughout the land are already bustling with activity, for today is different. In these tropical climates, most fruits and vegetables are available any time of year, but today, the open-air markets are humming with an almost electric anticipation. This only happens twice a year. Every six months. That's the harvest cycle for the fruit prized above all others. The Queen of Fruits!

For centuries, this scene has played out in lands now known as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. An exotic tropical fruit, prized and valued above all others, has been a source of enjoyment and benefit for countless generations. The ancient people of Southeast Asia referred to this marvel as The Queen of Fruits. Nineteenth century scientists named it Garcinia Mangostana. Today it carries the common name Mangosteen.

With the arrival of Europeans and their ocean-going vessels, the Mangosteen was introduced to other faraway places. Queen Victoria of England, once she had tasted this imported delicacy, promptly declared it her favorite fruit.

Today, you'll find Mangosteen growing in Australia, Brazil, and on some of the islands of the Caribbean. The local people in every spot know the beneficial properties of this extraordinary fruit, and they use it for everything from malaria to tuberculosis. A wealth of scientific studies has been conducted to pinpoint the chemical properties that infuse the Mangosteen with its remarkable benefits.

An isolated secret for untold generation, the life-enhancing attributes of the Mangosteen are now being made available through a singular, exceptional product: Xango.


Historical Uses
We know that the inhabitants of Southeast Asia were preparing Mangosteen folk medicines long before the first Europeans arrived in the early 1700s. The dark, purple rind was often dried and ground, then used to ward off infections both internal and external. Poultices of the fruit were used to treat parasitic skin infections. An extract from the pulp of the fruit was used to control fever.

Every element of the fruit, from rind to pulp to seed, was prized by the people who knew the jungle's plants and fruits the best.

But perhaps Mangosteen's most remarkable quality, the characteristic that set it apart from every other medicinal fruit, was its remarkable flavor. The soft, snow-white flesh of the inner fruit was sweet and delicious, unlike other local fruits that called for an "acquired taste." The people of these tropical lands valued the Mangosteen for its healing properties, of course, but they treasured it above all others because of its heavenly taste. No wonder it was known throughout the land as The Queen of Fruits.


The Premiere Online Source...

Experience the power and miraculous benefits of xanthones, the super-antioxidant found in the mangosteen fruit! XanGo™ Juice, a delicious beverage made from mangosteen puree, contains an unprecedented level of xanthones and delivers a nutritional punch that is unmatched.

Why XanGo™?

- Made from whole fruit puree of first quality mangosteen.
- The best source of xanthones available.
- Super antioxidant power.
- Irresistible taste.
- No added sweeteners.
- No artificial colors
- No artificial flavors

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Xango is a brand name that was created from the combination of the words xanthones and mangosteen. Both the name of the beverage and the name of the company that distributes it, XanGo™ has come to represent improved health to the hundreds of thousands of people that enjoy it each day.

The first dietary supplement created from mangosteen juice, XanGo™ is a true leader in the health industry. The XanGo™ brand has come to symbolize the best of scientific research and trust.

XanGo™ corporation believes that the success of the XanGo™ brand will be the result of the energy and efforts of tens of thousands of independent thinkers. As a result, XanGo™ is distributed through numerous independent distributors who proudly promote it across the world.

XanGo™ is truly unique--it is a quality product that is natural, has huge appeal, and is backed up by proven science.

XanGo™ takes advantage of the amazing nutrition and power of the whole mangosteen fruit, and offers it as a delicious beverage. The flavor is complex--some people detect a hint of strawberry, while others taste kiwi, grape, and pomegranate. Everyone who tries it however, agrees that XanGo™ is a drink that deserves praise. Take an ounce or two in the morning, and start your day invigorated, energized, and rejuvenated. As the first product to feature the nutrition of mangosteen, XanGo™ is an amazing superstar in the world of dietary supplements and nutrition.


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