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Originally published July 18 2006
Mangosteen superfruit gains in popularity as XanGo urges consumers to stick to whole fruit products

(NewsTarget) -- Mangosteen -- a "superfruit" from a tropical evergreen tree in southeast Asia -- has experienced growth this year as food makers have begun including the healthy fruit in more and more products.

However, XanGo, the maker of a dietary supplement juice derived from mangosteen, says consumers need to be aware that producers of mangosteen products sometimes use misleading labeling, such as claims that a product contains whole fruits, when it only contains pulp or powder.


The market for mangosteen -- which plays a role in joint, intestinal and immune system health -- has become competitive, and XanGo chief marketing officer Gordon Morton says honest companies may be jeopardized if competing companies mislead the public with false labeling.

"Whole fruit should mean usage of the complete mangosteen, pulp and rind, as nature intended," Morton says. "This is a consistent whole fruit definition we should all honor."

Morton says misleading labeling on mangosteen and other superfruit products is a matter of "significant concern," and claims many companies entering the mangosteen market are guilty of making false "whole fruit" use claims.

Unless companies can be consistently honest in labeling the use of whole fruits, Morton says the entire industry -- including honest companies that use whole fruits and have the right to indicate that aspect on their labels -- may suffer from a dishonest reputation.

Health advocates urge consumers to use only superfruit products that contain whole fruits, as the whole fruit is responsible for its health benefits -- not just its pulp. Many so-called superfruit juice products are also made primarily with pear and apple juices, not the juices of the superfruit. Read the ingredients labels to get the facts.




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