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"The healthiest juice in the world!" - Dr. Templeman




TRAINING Success Manual


Each Pak Contains 2 current CD's, which could include "The Magic Wand" and "Mangosteen with Dr. Templeman" or others designed to build your business and tell the story, plus apromotional Newspaper ("Doctor's Choice") and a brochure ("33 Reasons"). You receive 100 sets, assembled in envelopes and ready for mailing or handing out. Save money with this package.

Note: we reserve the right to change the items found in these special Promo Paks.

PROMO PAK - (100 sets) - $300. Call us to purchase (702-376-4727)

PROMO PAK - (50 sets) - $170. Call us to purchase (702-376-4727)

PROMO PAK - (25 sets) - $100. Call us to purchase (702-376-4727)

PROMO PAK - (10 sets) - $40. Call us to purchase (702-376-4727)

CD - THE MAGIC WAND - by Sherman Unkefer

XanGo Juice Product and Opportunity Presentation by Sherman Unkefer. One of the most valuable tools you can use to find new distributors, its like having the master himself, Sherman Unkefer, at your meeting.

MAGIC WAND CD - (10 pak) Call us to purchase (702-376-4727)


Fighting the Fatal 5 by Dr. Stone, MD - A MUST-HAVE CD

Fighting the Fatal 5 by Doctor Robert C. Stone, MD, DO, helps you understand that Mangosteen goes beyond the sick and afflicted and teaches people to accept it as a mainstream preventative supplement that must be consumed daily by everyone.

After your prospects listen to this CD, the only question they will have is Where do I get this stuff? Dr. Stone was a highly sought after pharmaceutical trainer before he dedicated his lifes passion to spreading the word of Mangosteen..

His list of credits include Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, and straZeneca. Once he realized the power of the Mangosteen, Dr. Stone left his lucrative training career to become a full time XanGo medical speaker and distributor.

Each CD comes in a full color sleeve with important teaching graphics on the back. People want a long and healthy life. This CD will answer that quest and motivate listeners to drink Xango daily.

Send this to all your members and get your current distributors on autoship and sharing this Xango by raising their belief in the product. Get new people dedicated to the belief in Xango as the finest Mangosteen product in the market place.


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From the Back Cover:

"Why take a drug when a food will do?"

Pave the road to your success by using one of the best prospecting tools available.

This time-tested booklet unleashes the equation for optimum health as discussed by one of the most renowned experts on mangosteen. In this book, Dr. Templeman uncovers the mysteries behind the mandosteen fruit and explains why he is convinced that mangosteen will be the most successful food supplement ever.

Help your prospects gain an understanding of mangosteen's history, science, uses, and more by making this book a part of your "marketing tool box"!

50 pages

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SUPPLIES AND TEACHING TOOLS"Studies are showing that xanthones have positive effects on nearly all the body's systems, from increased energy to protection from free radical damage, xanthones delivers a wide range of benefits." - Fred Templeman, M.D



There has never been a product like XanGo™!
- The Whole Fruit Puree of Prized Mangosteen
- The Best Source Of Powerful Xanthones
- Vital Antioxidants Support
- Indescribably Delicious Flavor
- No Added Sweeteners
- No Artificial Colors
- No Artificial Flavors

A Taste Sensation
And the best part is, XanGo™ is absolutely delicious! We're all familiar with tonics and potions derived from natural plants and herbs. Most have genuine beneficial properties, but the taste leaves so much to be desired. You won't find that with XanGo™. The naturally sweet and tangy flavor of the Mangosteen is a taste sensation you have to experience to believe. XanGo™ has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no added sweeteners. We don't need them!

There has never been a product like XanGo™! In one singular drink, you get all of the miraculous benefits of xanthones: powerful antioxidants protection against free radical damage, support for cholesterol concerns, a natural energy enhancer, and more. And you get all this in a drink that you'll look forward to tasting!

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You Don't Want to Let This One Pass You By

If you've ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, XanGo™ has all the pieces to the puzzle.

All of the market conditions are combining to create a business plan like no other.

If you have any question as to the timing of NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS in the marketplace today, read Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer (at any bookstore).

If you have any question as to the timing of Home-Based Business, just read your local newspaper or watch your TV news.

Join the Wellness Revolution today, embrace it -- it will change your life forever.

Bcome a DIstributor Now. Here's How.


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XanGo™ is the only product to use the whole mangosteen fruit in a patented formulation, and contains more xanthones than any other product on earth. Studies are showing that xanthones have positive effects on nearly all of the body's systems. From increased energy to protection from free radical damage, xanthones deliver a wide range of benefits.

The best way to study this is to drink it and see for yourself. Buy a bottle or a case. Then you will realize the benefits of drinking XanGo for yourself.

Become a DIstributor Now. Here's How.


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$49.95 US one bottle

Note: price for a single bottle includes a $10 shipping surcharge. It costs $17 to ship a single bottle safely, so we must add this surcharge to cover that cost. It is much better to order wholesale, and we urge you to do that. but we are happy to accomodate requests for a single bottle of the juice.
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