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Mangosteen... Queen of Fruits!

Financial Benefits Are Huge

There are some very important things that you, your family and friends, should know about this fascinating fruit. If you are serious about your health, read on....
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When looking at any new business opportunity, you've got to ask yourself these questions:

- Is the product unique?

- Does it have vast market appeal?

- Is the company guided by a management team with a proven track record?

- Is the compensation worth my effort?

With XanGo™, the answer is yes to every question. The XanGo™ product is truly unique; the whole fruit puree of the prized Mangosteen, rich in xanthones that offer incredible benefits. These benefits enrich and enhance the lives of everyone, so there is, indeed, huge market appeal. The company itself is guided by a team with decades of collective success in the network marketing world; they know what it takes to bring new products to market and do so successfully. and the compensation plan offered by XanGo™ is easy to understand and very, very lucrative.

Now is the time to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. A singular product with universal appeal. Leadership that understands the business from the inside out. A compensation plan that recognizes and rewards every effort you make.

Don't hesitate. You have XanGo™ in your future.

Meet The XanGo™ Executive Team

New opportunities require a new way of thinking. XanGo™ is an exceptional, innovative product designed to change the landscape of nutrition forever. The XanGo™ business is an equally innovative opportunity that will change the landscape of network marketing.

- A Unique, Beneficial Product with Universal Market Appeal
- The Whole Fruit Puree of Magosteen, the Queen of Fruits
- The Science of Xanthones, Powerful Antioxidants
- A Brand That Is Impactful & Memorable
- An Executive Team with Unmatched Experience Expertise
- A Compensation Plan That Is Simple & Lucrative

With all this, what are you waiting for?


The Amazing Profit Potential for Sharing Mangosteen

Not only does XanGo™ give us the opportunity to improve people's health, but the XanGo™ business plan can potentially earn a substantial income for you. Part-time or full-time, if you share XanGo™ with others you will receive a commission on all the XanGo™ juice that others buy from your referrals.


"Is this a pyramid scheme?"

This thought provoking question is one of the first questions someone will hear when discovering a booming network marketing business like XanGo™.

Below, you'll find some compelling quotes taken from Fortune® magazine and then, you'll read a snippet from a government web site aimed to educate the public about the difference between network marketing and a pyramid scheme.

Corporate America Embraces Direct Sales

In a recent issue of Fortune® magazine (the one with Bill Gates on the cover) you'll find an interesting article focusing on the sputtering economy, and the independent contractors (distributors) who are revitalizing the US retail industry through the art of Direct Selling.



Here are a few key paragraphs that are particularly interesting:


"Call it the age of direct selling. With its emphasis on personal, one-on-one relationships between distributor and consumer, convenience, and a high degree of consumer education, the industry may be tailor-made for today's consumer - and company."


"The result: The industry, with U.S. sales of $28.7 billion in 2002, up 7.5% from the year before, has become a magnet for both corporate behemoths lured by its efficiencies and dozens of entrepreneurs attracted by the lower cost of market entry..."


"Last year, for example, Warren Buffett's biggest purchase was The Pampered Chef...Hallmark's Binney and Smith is launching its own direct-selling company, called Big Yellow Box by Crayola..."



"Most direct-selling businesses now employ a multilevel business model, in which distributors earn money on their own sales as well as the sales of those they recruit (called the 'downline') and the sales of individuals sponsored by their personal recruits. That's different from the single-level approach, in which you only make money on your own sales. In 1990, about 20% of the Direct Selling Association members in the US used the multilevel plan; today, it's about 80%..."


"Although today's economic times offer a variety of challenges, solutions are available for those individuals willing to seek them out. With direct selling companies providing alternate avenues for income generation, more and more people are able to give their current jobs the pink slip."

- Fortune®, The Power Issue, Vol. 148, No. 3



So, Is Network Marketing Really Legit?

After seeing that corporate America is quickly embracing the methods and strategies of network marketing (direct selling), it's important for many people to make the differentiation between a legitimate marketing strategy used by companies releasing legitimate products, and illegal pyramid schemes that scam innocent people.

Check out our report on Network Marketing here.

I know every single one of us has heard at least once, "Oh, one of those pyramid things." It couldn't be further from the truth in XanGo™'s case.

To quote a government web site (Division of Consumer Protection):

"Multi-level marketing companies differ from pyramid schemes because they are usually legitimate business opportunities. The sale of legitimate products is what distinguishes multi-level marketing operations from pyramids. Pyramid schemes want to make money from you, not the product sales."

Pyramid Schemes vs. Multi-level Marketing

Pyramid Schemes usually do not involve the actual sale of products to anyone, and people are often lured into the business with false promises. They also are forced to buy products and pay a lot of money to get started.




It's wonderful to know that XanGo™ meets every criteria for being a legitimate marketing company.

To top it off, our CEO, Gary Hollister, is the former Chairman of the Board of the Direct Selling Association, the organization that establishes the ethics in which companies introduce products into the market.

Never before has a network marketing company launched with the number of seasoned corporate management executives as XanGo™.

Every member of the team has been in the field as top level distributors and/or in top level management with BIG network marketing companies doing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. This management team is taking XanGo™ where they have already gone before.They have come together to create what I believe will be THE NEXT NETWORK MARKETING GIANT.

This is a company positioned for greatness. The economic climate, and the popular shift to home-based work and telecommuting has given you the chance of a lifetime to jump in on the ground floor of a company that will soon be a household name.

You've seen the science behind the mangosteen, we have proof that the executives of this company know exactly what they are doing, (we're already in 8 International Markets and expanding rapidly).


Who Determines Your Future?


XanGo™ is the vehicle to help you attain your dreams.

In five years XanGo™ will be a household name and there will be three types of people:

1) Those who made XanGo™ happen and reaped the reward
2) Those who watched XanGo™ happen and reaped nothing
3) Those who wonder, What Happened?

Why not follow the example by dreaming big, working hard and joining the economic revolution that is revitalizing the US retail industry? After all, you control your future.


You Don't Want to Let This One Pass You By

If you've ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, XanGo™ has all the pieces to the puzzle.

All of the market conditions are combining to create a business plan like no other.

If you have any question as to the timing of NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS in the marketplace today, read Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer (at any bookstore).

If you have any question as to the timing of Home-Based Business, just read your local newspaper or watch your TV news.

Join the Wellness Revolution today, embrace it -- it will change your life forever.




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